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Baron Nashor

Stats Baron Nashor

armor: 150
attackSpeed: 0.70
critChance: 0.25
critMultiplier: 1.40
damage: 300
hp: 1250
initialMana: 0
magicResist: 150
mana: 2
range: 9


champion's skill

Corrosive Acid

Mana: 0/2

Passive: Cast every @CastCadence@ attacks and cycle between 3 different Abilities: this, Voracious Bite (damage an enemy and heal), and Void Tentacle (damage and Stun a group).
Active: Lob three pools of acid towards the largest group of enemies, dealing @ModifiedDamage@ (scaleAP) magic damage and @TooltipShred@% Shredding and Sundering for @DebuffDuration@ seconds.
Shred: Reduce Magic Resist
Sunder: Reduce Armor


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