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- Briefly speaking about darkness, this clan will illuminate a few squares on the field, granting shields to allies standing on these squares. Dark champions illuminated by moonlight will also have the ability to finish off enemies below a certain health threshold. As for Alune, with anti-aircraft magic, she drops meteors through the line with the highest total enemy health, combined with the kill threshold at 6, which has just been buffed at 14.9, up to 25%, promising to become a Unstoppable destruction machine in the current version.

- In addition to the 6 dark spells, the activated wizard will help Alune restore mana faster, thanks to which moonlight high-shots will be launched continuously, causing huge amounts of damage. Activating guard will help Nautilus become more resilient, thereby contributing a significant amount of control or Sett will more easily harass the enemy squad.

- When you reach 9, you will stick with Azir and replace Annie with Ornn, the giant satyr. Roll 8 and get a full card with 3-star Alune or reach 9 and get a sett early, you will have a safe position. All in the top 4. To get to the top 1, you need to roll Alune 3, get 9 and add 5 2-star coins like Sett or Azir.


- Easy to play, easy to deft, less contested, not picky about items, does not require a 5 gold champion at level 8


- You get what you pay for, reaching the top is easy, but if you want to compete in the top 1, you must have a nice core and full system activation at level 9 or 10. When encountering exoida cards or lots of control, Sylas is very easy to beat.

How to Play

- Early game

+ You should aim for this squad when you get 2 dark early in the game. Even though Darius was nerfed, Noxus guillotine still proved to be a very good def champion in the early stages of the game. You can use the form Darius - Malphite - Yorick - Qyiana, with giant resistance, Darius and Qyiana will be able to comfortably play the game with 2 active duels, 2 heavenly palaces will also add 1 The amount of index is not small, through which you will almost have a long winning streak in the initial stages.

+ Magic items should be kept by Darius, and tank items will be on Yorick's body. Even if Darius turns 2, you should still catch them so you can change Alune's clothes later.

+ If you don't have the dark form, you can still go up with the mythical wizard form, with the lineup that you are so familiar with: Kogmaw - Malphite - Chogath - Neeko and Janna. Kogmaw's meteor cannon, backed by giant resistance, will be extremely powerful in the early game. In this form, magic items will be held by Kogmaw and tank items will be on Chogath's body.

- Mid game

+ At this stage you need to aim for 4 darks with Yone and Alune added to the squad, with 18% execution blood threshold and up to 500 shields, this is almost an unbeatable defense form in the middle of the game.

+ During the leveling process, you should stick to unfinished systems such as wizards, duelists, giants, etc. If you have Alune, you should change items immediately, 1 Alune holding 2 items will help you. It's much easier for you to overcome difficulties in the middle of the game.

+ If the game offers a lot of physical damage items, please optimize for Yone to later switch to Sett.

- Late game

+ If you are on a winning streak or simply still def well with enough health, you can continue eco straight to 9. Otherwise, you will roll strongly at 8, looking for enough form as I said above. . When Alune appears a lot, you can just roll the mortar and pestle at 8, looking for 3-star Alune. On the contrary, when you have Alune 2, Sylas 2, you can go to 9 to search for Sett to complete the dark 6 mark. This squad is only strong when there are 6 dark ones, but without the seal, finding Sett at level 8 is never easy, right.

+ Note that you only need to build around 6 dark, the remaining slots, if there are any 4-gold champions that can get 2 stars and can mix the system, you can just stick to them so you can def and get to 9, okay? Just Ornn or Nautilus, you can also attach this dual attack Leesin, Annie with this wizard, or other 5-gold generals that you are lucky to roll like Udyr or Azir, you can flex as you like. Let's talk. When you reach 9, you need to search for Azir or Ornn like I said above and continue searching for Alune 3.


The first and most important thing will be the dark seal, which not only helps you reach the 6 dark mark more easily, but can also remove other useless champions like Darius or Yone and add more. other 4 and 5 money generals.

+ Next, you can't ignore the wrath of the dark moon, an upgrade specifically for darkness, helping dark generals deal 4% more damage when continuously attacking the same enemy.

+ Regarding the combat core, inlaid with gems, additional chance and critical damage, 1 extra wand as well as additional magic power, relay II adding attack speed according to the progress of the match are all upgrades suitable for this squad.

+ Because both Alune as well as Sylas or Ornn can use adaptive helmets well, you should not ignore perfect adaptation. In addition, this squad needs quite a lot of items for Alune, Sylas, Sett or Azir, so these Cores for equipment such as buried treasure or large bags also need to be considered.

+ Cores that provide healing abilities such as healing bridges and poison pharmacists will also be compatible with this dark squad.

+ Because the squad is only strongest when it reaches level 9, has Sett or Azir, when there are no good cores left, he can aim for cores to level up, gain experience such as patiently studying, defeating, harrowing. To be able to fast 9 or simply get to 8 early, roll before loppy.

+ In addition, if you already have many copies of Alune and Yone, you can take the superhero bag to reroll and plate this duo with gold.