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Truth Arena season 11 takes on the theme of mythology with the presence of tribes only found in legends such as: U Linh, Thien Cung, Dragon King, Than Tai... Along with a series of systems and generals that only appear. Currently exclusively in DTCL season 11. And among the above, we will witness a team combined by many different clans such as: Mythology, Nobles, Gunners,... And the general who will carry in this squad is named Bard. There are no more trumpet blows from the guy in season 10, instead there will be "meeps" released along with hand attacks. When Bard uses the skill, in the next 6 seconds, the attack will release 2 Meeps, each dealing 33/49/79 physical damage and 24/36/60 magic damage. And with a champion with such a mixed amount of damage, his items will be extremely special compared to pure AP or AD carries. With 2 Guinsoo Rage Blades and Hextech Gun Sword, Bard will have a huge amount of attack speed towards the end of the fight and the number of "meeps" launched is also proportional to the number of attacks. Not only that, the gun sword will Not only does he add an amount of AP, but he also has a full lifesteal to help him have outplay situations that weigh 2 against 3 opponents. Let's find out how this team operates.


_It's a reroll card so the mid game is extremely strong and the accompanying races are also extremely annoying to support this game.

_Currently one of the top cards in the current meta

_There are quite a few other 3-money reroll cards that are also very strong and used a lot, so they also help us have more odds of rolling to Bard.


_Because it is the top card in the meta, there will be many people playing it in the same match

_Need standard items for Bard, so sometimes it's a bit difficult to draw items or require a Pandora's Box core

_The late game will still be weaker than the Exodia songs

_It is difficult to reach the top without Bard and Tahm Kench 3

How to play

Note: You should only play if you have a lot of bow pieces, staves or have yourself a Pandora's Box core because this battle requires 2 Guinsoo's Rage Blades plus 1 flex final item between Hextech Gun Sword, Giant Slayer Statikk Electric Knife, . ..

Early game: There are quite a few card forms that can def health in the early game for us, but the most optimal form we will use is the Gunner Historian form. Normally, the 3 historian form will be very easy to activate because there are 2 1-gold generals and 2 2-gold generals, the remaining Archer general will be Teemo or if I'm lucky I can have Bard early. At the same time, we will have 15% starting attack speed from Kayle's speed charm when activating the Historian milestone. Form will now include: Sivir Teemo Riven Garen; Teemo will hold Bard's favor and Garen will temporarily hold tank items in this early stage. If you don't have Guinsoo's Rage Blade early, you can consider playing a losing streak to be able to pick up more necessary items. On the contrary, if we have the necessary items, we will focus on picking up Bard or Tahm Kench because these are the two important generals needed to upgrade to 3 stars.

Mid-game: This is the most important stage for rerolls because we will spend money here to have form and at the same time eco money to slow roll to gold plate the team. There are 2 options for us to search for form: roll 6 in 3.2 and roll 7 in 3.5. Both will be rolled to get the squad form and get 2-star Tahm Kench and Bard. At this time, we will sell Teemo as well as Garen to exchange items for the two main generals. After having enough items for Bard, we will pick up most of the defensive items so that Tahm Kench can have 3 tank items as soon as possible. We reserve the remaining items for other secondary tank generals such as Riven or later Rakan. The next general we need to pay attention to is Soraka. Normally, when rolling Tahm Kench and Bard to 3 stars, we will catch a lot of Soraka and the roll rate of this general is also quite high when the other 2 generals are 3 stars, so we can roll more Soraka to increase damage as well as cc for squad. Soraka is one of the multi-purpose generals in the game when she has the Thien Cung clan along with a powerful passive: Every time your team loses 20% of their total Health, they receive 8 Magic Power until the end. end the fighting. This passive is extremely suitable for this match because this is not a shock damage match but a timed damage card and Bard needs a lot of time to accumulate Guinsoo's Rage Blades as well as his "meep" attack to die. enemy enemy. So towards the end, Soraka's passive adds more AP to the team. Not only that, with her move, Soraka Breaks Energy groups the largest number of enemies in range. Deals magic damage to enemies in the center and magic damage to adjacent enemies. This allows us to finish off tank generals when they don't have time to attack or close-range carry generals like Yone or Kayn lose their mana and are defeated by Bard before they can attack. So we will put mana items like Blue Talisman or Shojin Spear so that she can cast early, the remaining items will be any other AP items, we can prioritize Red Talisman Morello because of its ability. Her aoe damage ability helps reduce area healing or Angel's Scepter because of its ability to increase AP over time. Once we have this set of 3, we will save money and advance to the next level.

Late game: When at level 8, 9, 10, we will prioritize adding multi-purpose clans or multi-purpose 5-cost generals because the card form has been rounded since level 7. We will have a few options as follows:

_ Because we already have two heavenly palaces, Neeko and Soraka, we will take another super strong heavenly general, Wukong. If Neeko gives us more health, Soraka gives us 10% more AP, then Wukong helps the team have 12% more attack speed and when activating 3 heavenly bows, that number will increase to about 16% - this helps our Bard have Increases the number of swords faster and clears the floor faster. Not only that, Wukong is also a super strong general with his move set. Dashing, stunning single targets and the ability to deal physical damage in a straight line of 3 cells with the board, we have nothing more to discuss. After Wukong, we will add Rakan and hit the 3 noble mark, the armor will increase from 10 to 25, helping the squad become stronger. In addition, after surfing, Rakan reduces the enemy team's armor and buffs his own shield. Outside, there is Xayah standing and shooting secondary damage, causing physical damage to all enemies hit by Rakan's skills.

_ We can absolutely increase the Mythical mark to mark 5 7 or even hit 10 Mythical, but playing this way requires quite a lot of seals, requiring cores or having encounters that give us more shovels. . At that time, we had two more good tank damage cards: Nautilus and Lillia. With Nautilus, it's his tankiness plus his wide area, and with Lillia, it's the large amount of damage that causes both the tank and the opponent's rear. And the 5-cost card of this formation named Hwei not only has the ability to damage a large area but can also duplicate champions to help us upgrade the squad more easily.

_ In addition, we can add other multi-purpose 5-cost chess pieces such as: Sett with the ability to knock the current target, stun and deal a huge amount of physical damage based on maximum health; with Lissandra is the ability to immerse the target in a teapot, causing huge AP damage and having a chance of dropping additional pieces of items, money or throwing the teapot directly into the most crowded area and causing another amount of AP; As for Udyr, he has the ability to ram the opponent's chess piece straight and then smash it to the ground, causing damage to the surrounding area. When he loses more than 50%, he regains health, increases movement speed, and turns the move into a combo attack, increasing speed. continuous attack.


_With a reroll, the upgrades we prioritize will be the upgrades on the mirror machine or rolls such as: Two For One Infinite Dice I Replenishment of Forces Superhero Item Bag Building a Combat Zone Squad Translate Diamond Ticket Silver Ticket or if you are in an emergency situation, you can absolutely take the Hellfire Deal to be able to have a large amount of gold-plated economic rolls for your team, but I do not recommend taking this core.

_Currently with the addition of surprises, in a match, in addition to having a lot of gold, there will be a lot more items, so we should also add more core items and this Bard squad needs to draw pretty good items. so we also need to add Pandora's Box cores, Large Storage Bag, Magic Bow, Wand, Buried Treasure, Treasure, ....

_ Regarding combat cores, this squad has some pretty good cores: Bounce Lucky Mosaic Bao Thach III Three Trees Gather Up Nhat Thong II, ....


_ Since this is a 3-money reroll, encounters that give us free rolls or clones will be extremely appropriate:

  • Neeko : Adds a small cloner or a cloner to all champions in the market round
  • Udyr : Gives players four free returns forever
  • Yorick: Reduces store exchange price from two to 1 for the next three rounds or permanently
  • Volibear: The market round will be full of Ba Vang
  • Jax : Gives players a choice between turn gold and champions
  • Illaoi : Gives players eight free redemptions this round
  • Darius: Transforms a champion standing in a special box on the field into another champion of the same value for 5 rounds /Gives players a choice between 20 experience and 10 free returns
  • Cho'Gath : Gives the player two small clones and one clone.
  • Caitlyn : Gives players four free redemptions during the round
  • Amumu: The shopping circle is now full of three-money and two-star generals
  • Azir : Get six free redemptions forever

_ A few other encounters are also quite suitable for this squad:

  • Garen: In the next three rounds, all purchased champions will receive 100 health permanently
  • Teemo: Added Gold Shovel to all champions in the shopping round / Gives players one more turn to exchange for tech cores
  • Tristana : Gives the player a gift of gold
  • Zoe: Changing reality only occurs at odd levels in the game
  • Irelia: The player's shop will appear with champions of each price in the next two rounds