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The Jazz clan is one of the strongest clans in season 10 because of its versatility when it can fit into any squad and is a powerful arm of the "Exodia" squad. For each active race/type (except unique ones), your team gains more Health and deals more damage. When Jazz is on the field, it seems to implicitly activate the unified core that has been very strong in previous seasons. Not only that, the Jazz generals are also very strong generals with Miss4 being the carry of the Miss Fortune jazz squad, Lucian with a value of 5 money is also an important carry in the "Exodia" squad. And the remaining general is Bard, who costs 2 coins but possesses a very unique set of moves. Bard can both deal damage and heal allies, and sometimes luckily drops an extra gold. Bard plays a 4-note tune consisting of the following 3 random notes: Musical Note - Deals 190/285/430 magic damage to the current target, Bell - Restores 120/150/180 Health to the ally with the lowest health, Tip - Drops 1 gold and plays one more note. With such a set of moves, Bard will be an extremely powerful mid-game carry but can also act as a real SP that heals the tanker above, sometimes dropping 1 gold to help us easily accumulate. With early profits, Bard deserves to have his own game to help chess players climb this meta rank


The amount of single-target damage is good. If you are a superstar, you can deal a large amount of spread damage right after the first move.

It is one of the most stable early and mid-game defense squads, helping players easily advance to higher levels

We can flex to the Miss Fortune chess set because both use the same frame, so we can diversify between the two cards or roll both to 3 stars in the same match or we can also use 2 stars to def straight up. 8 to 9


I'm exhausted at the end of the game so I need to switch to Exodia so I can be sure of a top match or a top 1 match.

Because it is a single-target damage, sometimes you need to add extra damage champions to quickly clear the floor

Jazz is currently a hot race, so everyone wants to keep Jazz in the squad, so with the general pool being narrowed by riots, it is sometimes difficult to get a 3-star Bard.

How to play

Early game: Use superstars with 1 coin to pawn to protect Bard at the beginning of the game and the 2 best generals for 1 coin are Annie and Nami. Bard's item will already have an Adaptive Hat from the Hard Fan clan, so the remaining 2 items for this general will include an item that helps Bard create more moves, including Shojin's Spear or Guinsoo's Rage Blade, the last item. will be an AP-oriented item that can be used with Gemstone Gloves or Rabadon's Witch Hat or Angel's Staff. If you want to use Bard as a real item, you can also install Guinsoo's Rageblade and Shojin's Spear early to help. Bard can create more moves to increase the healing rate for teammates as well as hack gold in the early stages of the game. Bard is a 2-cost general, so we can absolutely have this general at level 4 or even at 2.1. Pre-leverage right in the last monster round so that as soon as we enter 2.1 we reach level 4, it is entirely possible that a 2-money superstar general will appear at the store, even a Bard. You should prioritize picking up items to complete Shojin's Spear or Guinsoo's Rage Blade early to help Bard create more moves, then consider AP items. The starting formation of the game will usually be Bard or Annie with a hard fan. If it's Nami, it will be the Dac Sac Disco form.

Mid game: Depends on current streak but will always aim for up to 6 at 3.2. If you don't have Bard yet, this is the time to sell your current superstar and roll to find yourself a Bard superstar. Superstar Dac Sac or Superstar Jazz are both good and have the same value, so if you see Superstar Bard, take it without thinking too much, but you will still prioritize Superstar Bard Jazz a little more. With a stunning superstar, we can easily reach the milestone of 8 clans being activated right at level 7

As for superstar Jazz, the activation milestone is only 7, but because there is 3% health and 2% damage for each activated clan, the amount of damage as well as the amount of health will be a bit higher.

After rolling to earn the form, we start to save money and slowroll at level 6 during phase 3. This is to earn 3-star Bard and then upgrade to the next levels. In case Miss Fortune comes out a lot or doesn't have many bars, we can turn our cards to play Miss Fortune carry or play cards using other AP items like Karthus Akali or Twisted Fate Disco. Or we can roll Bard 3 and then roll up to 7 and roll Miss Fortune 3 using these 2 carries at the same time to help you be sure to achieve a higher top position.

Late game: Just like many other squads when we can add multi-purpose 5-cost generals like Zigg with the ability to reduce large area magic resistance or the extremely tanky Illaoi with 2 extremely annoying tentacles and We can't help but mention Lucian - the 3rd Jazz general who helps trigger the 4 Jazz milestone, giving the team add health with smck or smpt. Pay attention to the arrangement of cards because such back row carry cards are easily countered by Karthus Akali, put 2 attack-type generals in 2 corners or 2 tentacles in 2 corners, put carry generals in the middle to be able to survive longer. . We can absolutely sell Bard to get another better superstar like superstar Ziggs or superstar Sona and then get another 1-star Bard to continue stimulating Jazz. At this time, the squad will become Exodia and have a higher rate of reaching top 1.


  • This squad alone has a particularly good core and has an extremely high rate of reaching the top with 3.67 called Jazz That Baby! . This is an auto-get core if we have a tendency to play this formation or miss or even play Exodia
  • Upgrades that help increase the team's strength are always a priority: Kham Bao Thach III Recovery Bridge I Talent Search
  • Item upgrades: Buried Treasure I Pandora's Box Protective Crown Fully Equipped Wand is also a good choice
  • Cores that increase health or help us have more time to dash like the super tech cores Enhance Super Tech I or Sublimate Little Friends Epitaph of Inspiration are good choices for long-term fighting.
  • Core rolls such as: Winning Tickets Silver Tickets Superhero Goods Bags Sweet Fruits Diamond Tickets Shoppers will help us gild the team faster