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8bit - a pretty cool clan in season 10 that allows players to accumulate numbers from the beginning to bring back a large amount of attack power for later use. When you start the game, you will easily get Corki to keep your health very good because it has a stable amount of damage, no single target, and the ability to reduce healing. From there, it's easy to move up and then switch to Caitlyn carry. And the good news for us is that recently Caitlyn has been buffed again. From there, the Caitlyn carry squad was born


- Comprehensive attack, the guards will create a sturdy shield to help cover Ezreal and Caitlyn to deal damage

- Counter gets the Yone card because he is stopped by the guards


- Even though they are really tough tank guards, the best opponents will definitely be true damage pieces because they deal more standard damage, so the guards' armor and magic resistance will not make it difficult.

- Need super nice clothes for Caitlyn and Ezreal

How to Play

- At the beginning of the game, it's best for you to have two directions to catch the superstar

+ If you already have a tank, you will capture the superstar Corki to deal damage in the back, accumulate 8 bits, as well as temporarily pawn good items for Caitlyn.

+ In case you lack a tank but already have the following dame, you should capture superstar Lillia for convenient deployment. Because all three of her clans deft at the beginning of the game quite well. Hard fans will help her get 1 item, guards will increase armor, magic resistance, K/Da, the whole team will receive additional stats when placed in the idol box.

- Suggested card format so you can maintain good health at the beginning of the game as follows:

+ After defeating 3 monster turns, you will press level up to move to level 2.1 with a chance of breaking a champion at level 4.

At this time, use Corki to deal damage, clip additional guards to go with Garen who has 8bit

+ If you play a winning streak, you go up to 5 at 2.3, and if you lose a streak, you go up to 5 at 2.5. And add as many guards as possible

- Between game

+ The familiar time to upgrade to 6 will be in 3.2. At this time, you will spend a little gold (average 10 gold) to update the squad,

+ Up to 7 in 3.6, now you can add guards like Mordekaiser or Blitzcrank, for example. If you don't have them, add Miss Fortune and Bard with big ears and Jazz

- End of game

+ The important time for you to be quick and quick to sell the previous cheap superstar to get Caitlyn, Ezreal or worst of all, Blitzcrank superstar is at 4.2. At this time, you need to spend gold heavily to complete your cards, have enough tanks, and enough damage first before thinking about economizing gold again.


Choosing upgrades is also extremely important for the game to develop its strength

- In the first core selection rounds, if you have beaten Heartsteel, you need to have upgrades that help increase the blood of the summoned beast such as giantization, mini giantization, and risking your life.

Or experience promotions, clutter, and ventilation are also very delicious so you can level up quickly

- The squad needs a lot of items, that's why additional cores are necessary. Such as: buried treasure, mythical forge, stimulant, fully equipped, you just need to divide 2 items for each child.

- For fighting cores, we should use gem inlays, vampires, speedy bows, little friends, inspirational epitaphs, super technological enhancements