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The clan that gives Cho'Gath his super resistance is that the gladiator has not been touched. That's why even though Chogath has been nerfed, if he comes out early and has nice items, Cho'Gath will still eat the entire lobby to satisfy his insatiable hunger.


- Easy to play, easy to win.

- Doesn't require too much processing, simple card arrangement

- People often say that we use attack to compensate for defense, but in this formation we will use the strategy of using meat to crush people. Giants with large bodies, possessing hidden power, ready to devour their opponents with powerful bites.

- Not only relying on a source of damage from Chogath but also Cassiopeia and Reksai so there is a variety of damage, from physical damage to magical power.


- The limitation of this card in particular and reroll cards in general is that it depends on whether low-cost carries can be upgraded to 3 stars or not. While everyone has accepted the trade-off, hasn't leveled up and is behind compared to other houses, if Chogath doesn't get 3 stars then it's definitely a cook.

- Getting to 3 stars Chogath is easy to reach the top 4, but if you want to be at the top, you need many conditions, you must have Reksai 3 or a 5-gold general of any type in the squad to compete for top 1.


- With a reroll that needs 3 stars like this, we certainly won't be able to ignore Leesin. The blind monk's upgrades will help the process of gilding your team go faster.

- The next choice is Veigar. Fighters already have a lot of health and they will need to add appropriate fighting upgrades. That's why Veigar will bring 2 super delicious cores: gem-encrusted and sublimated. Surely with their stubbornness, the combat time will be extended to 15 seconds and that will be the time when Chogath and his teammates win. to a new position.

How to Play

- If you have decided to play chogath from before, you should let it bite the first 3 rounds of monsters, it will automatically have 90 more health.

- The next step is also extremely easy. If Ixtal is not of the wood element, any gladiator will be allowed onto the field.

- Prioritize the 2-point phase at the beginning of the game, play losing streaks to get a lot of gold.

- Then slowroll at level 5 with 4 fighters sandwiching Cassiopeia

jjkkl-1697873031.PNGForm cấp 5.PNG

- After reaching 3 stars, the 2 necessary children are Chogath and Cassiopeia, then the duo will help you get back.

- Let's rush to the finish line by leveling up, completing 6 gladiators and competing in the top 1 with the addition of valuable 5-gold generals like Heimer, who have gun turrets with extremely delicious upgrades, armor, and magic resistance. and burn the opponent's blood. Gangplank not only has more damage but also helps allies hit by ghost ships receive control immunity.

- In case Ixtal is the wood element, you will roll at 5 with forms: Milio, Chogath, Renekton, Vi and Qiyana. Just roll 3s of Chogath and then just level up and do the same as above, with the formula of 6 fighters and 5v, easy game.

- In this form, in addition to Heimer and GangPlank, you can also clip Ryze to activate the summoner


- Fighting upgrades: Giant Strength, stable evolution, unified struggle, sublimation, gemstone inlay, wand, recovery bridge, extraordinary power, distant friends to link Chogath and Cassiopeia, or Chogath with Reksai

- Cores help you get to 3 stars faster: copper tickets, trading area, training rewards, AFK, tycoon, on the rise.


These portals are suitable for this lesson plan:

- Finn's Market: Every match, Bilgewater Finn's Shop will randomly appear twice and provide Complete, Artifact, Support and Light items. You will get to choose one for free!

-Slum Town: Starting from round 2, the Lucky Shop will appear randomly once per round. This store will contain champions suitable for your squad.

- Killing Harbor Bridge: Get a number of free shop refreshes equal to the current number of rounds + 1 at the start of each round! They will only be valid during the round in which you receive them.

- Holy Light Shield House: Receive 1 Demacia Crown in round 2-1. If a champion wearing this item dies, you immediately lose the fight.

- Ehrenmount: Receive 3 component equipment packages at the start of the match

- Home: In rounds 4-5, receive a consumable Masterpiece Upgrade to upgrade an installed item to a Light item.

- Ornn's Forge: Randomly in rounds 2-5 or 3-5, receive 1 Artifact Equipment Pack.

- Treasure Book of Heavenly Fate: Receive 1 Book of Knowledge in rounds 3-5. Use it on a champion to open an armory containing all seals matching that champion's clan.

- Willow Forest: A spot on the queue will turn into a forest. Champions standing here will contribute their clans/attributes (except unique clans/attributes) as if they were in battle.

- Dream Lake: At the start of each round, receive 1 champion that matches your squad.

- Shurima Market: Each champion in the market round will carry 2 equipment components instead of 1.

- Mobile Desert: At the beginning of each round, the champions in the 3 rightmost boxes of the queue will be converted into random champions with the same price.

- Targon Upper World: When Health drops to 40, receive blessings from the Targon gods.

- Mountain Peak: Starting from round 3, receive 1 Small Champion Duplicator at the start of each round. Starting from round 5, get 1 Champion Duplicator instead.

- Yuumi's "Fun" Area: When you buy XP, get 2 more XP.

- Crab Swamp: PvE monsters will be replaced by Scuttler Crabs, giving additional rewards when destroyed.