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- Recalling a bit about Fate, in this squad, we will mainly focus on milestone 5. When activated, it will grant 200% of the fate bonus of 2 connected champions to all fate champions, and Than The forest will help replenish ornn's health, increase resistance, and the extra magic power will help azir become stronger, and can become an extra carry in the later stages.

.- Activated fate will add resistance to the squad with shields as well as Thresh's armor and magic resistance. Plus the additional health from satyrs and giants will help you have an almost unbeatable tank with Thresh or Ornn that cannot be defeated. In addition, if you have a good tank system, by connecting Ahri and Syndra, and also having an active mage, the dark queen will become a true destruction machine with explosive power that can destroy any enemy. Which enemy is involved?

- When you reach 9, you can replace Sett in Yasuo's position and add Sylas, the dark fighter. In addition, after replacing Sett, you have another way to update, which is to add Annie and replace Gnar/Reksai with Azir to activate the wizard, adding 1 carry to the squad.

- If you have the Seal of the Forest Spirit, you will replace Reksai with Annie or Nautilus, with a wizard or guardian active, and when you have a seal of fate, you will let Azir or Ornn hold it, after that, just go up to 9 Reach the fateful 7 mark and you're done.

- This is a form that is both easy to play and effective. If you have 2-star Ornn and Syndra, you will have a safe position in the top 4. Even luckier, your defense will improve to 9, and you will get 5 2-star coins like Sett or Azir, it is almost impossible for top 1 to escape your hands.


+ The squad is both cheap but equally strong, the top 4 conditions are extremely easy with only Ornn and Syndra having 2 stars.

+ Not constrained in terms of equipment, can use many different items well.

+ Maintains early and mid game health extremely well.


+ Disadvantage: In the final stages, it will gradually lag when compared to other hot formations in the meta.

How to Play

- Early game

+You will want to follow this form when you get 3 fates early in the game. Lineup will revolve around the fateful frame of Yasuo - Ahri - Kindred, all 1 or 2 coins so it won't be too difficult for you to get. After that, you have 2 directions to clamp the champion. 1 is Reksai + Aatrox to activate the gladiator satyr, more conveniently, Gnar + Illaoi will be the perfect complement with the guardian satyr and the magician activated. As a fate reward, you can just connect Yasuo with a pawn


+ Magic items, you can just let Ahri or Kindred hold, whichever one is 2, you can let it be pawned to defend, similarly, if the tank has any item that is 2, you will let that general hold it. Prioritize Illaoi/Aatrox because these are generals to defend and do not need to be used in the later stages so it will be easier to change items.

+ In addition, the familiar mythological form is also very strong, with the framework: Kogmaw - Chogath - Malphite - Neeko and Caitlyn. Pawn Kogmaw and Chogath will help you overcome difficulties in the early stages easily.

- Mid game

This is the stage where you need eco to 8, so just add missing systems to the squad. First, you need the 5 fate form first with additional Thresh and Aphe to be able to grant fate rewards to all fate champions. After that, you can arbitrarily add giants or guard fighters of all types to Just keep the health. Thresh is 1 star, but with the fate bonus when connecting with Yasuo, it provides a very good amount of resistance to the team, so when you have it, you should just change tank items to him, you should also keep Ahri. /Kindred so you can change items later.

- Late game

If you have a long winning streak or have too little health left, you will level up to 8 at 4.1 to roll, otherwise, there is no need to rush, level 4.2 to get a good amount of gold. Roll has 2 stars Syndra and Ornn, at this point it's almost impossible to lose to anyone else, you need to keep your money and get to 9. Form at level 8 as I said above has quite a lot of low-value champions, rolling mortar and pestle at 8 won't help your squad become much stronger. After reaching level 9, you just keep 5 gold in as I said. Above is the voltage stabilizer.


+ Although the squad is quite well-formed, if possible, you should take the cores to seal your destiny, in addition to helping you def in the early and mid-game stages more easily when you can activate milestones 3 and 5 from Early also helps you activate 7 destinies when you turn 9, raising the team's strength to a new level.

Next is an extremely delicious core called Ascension with additional health from the satyr as well as fate bonuses from Yasuo and Thresh, the team of brothers will be sublimated easily.

+ Regarding the fighting core, you can take the Magic Wand, which not only adds magical power but also gives you 1 more stick, Consensus Struggle II adds armor and magic resistance, Kham Bao Thach II adds rate crit and especially BOOM!, an upgrade born for Syndra as well as a card revolving around fate.

+ You also can't ignore the cores that bring equipment like the Large Bag, Buried Treasure II, both Syndra as well as Ornn or Thresh can use adaptive helmets so perfect adaptation is also an option. you need to consider. The new version has a lot of versatile and powerful Ornn items, which makes Mythical Forge a core that you almost have to take to add strength to the squad.

+ Not every battle you get Sett, if you do, it's in the final stages, so Syndra can survive more easily against Ire, Mor, Kaisa or simply help the dark queen. If you can weigh it all up when you're alone, you can take cores that bring healing abilities like Potioner II or Healing Bridge II, for example.