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This season 11 we see many versatile 5-cost generals and many special unique clans such as: The Great Saint and the Traveler. Not only that, the generals also bring themselves a very special set of skills: Lissandra's ability to soak tea, Wukong's 3 moves, or the ability to swap back and forth between Rakan and Xayah... That's because Because of these factors, there are many Exodia cards created and this is a typical lineup among them. This squad is a combination of 6 generals with 5 money including: Hwei Azir Udyr Wukong Rakan Lissandra and a few other generals. So let's find out how to deploy this squad!


_Because of playing with 4 or 5 gold carries, Exodia will have superior strength compared to many other squads.

_Each 5-gold general has high versatility and is suitable for many different teams.

_Exodia's gameplay is quite flexible and not too dependent on champions.


_It is necessary to maintain good eco health at the beginning of the game because this is a level 9 10 card

_The mid-game is easily pushed by rerollers or players at 8

_You need quite a lot of 5-cost champions to get 2 stars to be on top or top 1, so if the roll doesn't come out, it's easy to cook.

How to play

_Because this is an Exodia card game, the stages from beginning to end are only aimed at one goal: reaching 9 and earning 5 coins, that's why 2 ways of fighting are formed: 1 is we will hit a winning streak then level up slowly to level 9 and start rotating the squad to Exodia form; Second, we will play a losing streak and accumulate money to use for ourselves level-up cores or income to be able to get to 9 to turn the game around.

_If you want to win a winning streak, you need to have good form at the beginning of the game or good fighting cores, so depending on the cores or the opportunities we have, we can decide which fighting style to follow. When you have many 2-star generals or good forms at the beginning of the game like: Destiny; Historian ; U Linh ; Dark; ... we will optimize the equipment, install multi-purpose items such as: Guinsoo's Rage Blade Shojin Spear Blood Sword Giant Power or other tank items Blood Armor Warmog Beast Statue Stone Armor,... Format easy to deff first The game is also the easiest to match with the Historian when we have many formations with the Historian. With the current meta, we will use kayle to give us a green assist charm - Attacks and skills deal 20% of the enemy's armor/magic resistance for 4 seconds. With the following milestones of the historian, we can choose according to each situation, but usually we will only use milestone 3 and we will flex many other systems. But the system is quite good for us to pair with the Historian system this time, which will be Sage Thien Cung Dragon King, .... The Soraka Diana Janna generals we will use until the end of the game so we can gradually sandwich them from levels 6 to 7. , and the generals we can use to deff include: Zoe (Shojin Spear, Gemstone Gauntlet, Angel's Staff); Morgana ( Demonic Shojin Spear Morello Angelic Staff ); Lillia/Syndra ( Blue Gloves Gemstone Sword Hextech Buff ); Kayn ( Blood Sword of Giant Power ) ; .... At levels 5, 6, 7, we mainly do not roll, but only use money to level up until level 8, we can roll a little lightly or roll down to 20 30 money to have a form or have the generals mentioned above go up to 2 Then slowly save money to upgrade to level 9.

_As for the main losing streak, we will always play to keep the money at 50 money and use the income to upgrade, so the most suitable team will be Than Tai. In particular, Than Tai at level 5 will have the ability to restore 3 summoned beast health each round, so it will be an extremely suitable choice for playing teams with losing streaks. Tank items will be given to Annie, damage items will be given to Tristana and magic items will be given to Zoe. This style of play will be quite difficult to play because usually we will come back when our health is at the death threshold, so we need players to have good eco ability as well as rotate their cards well and quickly enough to come back in time.

_When you reach level 9, the two main carry generals will be Azir and Hwei. Any AP items will be available to these two generals. You should prioritize items for Azir because the ability to kill each target is higher because the current meta has a lot of houses using short-armed carry champions that are very uncomfortable and it is difficult for champions with aoe damage to finish like them. is Yone or Volibear Kayn. Hwei's items will be the remaining AP items, so prioritize giving him a demon book to be able to burn a large area of blood as well as a mana item to be able to cast more spells. With his skill set, Hwei Creates a pool of paint around the busiest target area, healing allies inside for 40/60/1000 Health per second for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, it explodes, healing allies within 100/150/1000 Health and dealing 200/300/2000 magic damage to enemies. As for Azir, Fires an energy beam through the current target, dealing 500/750/5000 magic damage to enemies hit. Summon a Soldier adjacent to the first enemy hit with 1100/1500/8000 Health. Soldiers will not move or attack. It can be seen that both generals are damaged over time, so Angel's Scepter is a pretty good item and needs the generals above to be able to buy time for these two generals. The 3 cheaper champions are Ornn (provides resistance and item creation skills fighting, attacking the Forest Spirit system for Azir and the Giant system for Udyr); are Soraka (reduces the enemy's energy, increases AP for the whole team and activates the Thien Cung clan for Wukong to buff the team's AP) and Diana (activates Dragon King and Sage, the two most used clans in most formation by the ability to buff the 2 back rows to completely absorb the health of the 2 front rows of Sage; buff Dragon King's ability to deal standard damage). The remaining 5-cost champions will contribute to attracting cc resistance for our carry including: With Lissandra, she has the ability to soak the target in a teapot, causing huge damage and a chance of dropping additional items, money or throw the teapot directly into the busiest area and deal another amount of AP. As for Wukong, when using the whole squad, you will have 12% more attack speed thanks to the celestial system, this helps the squad accumulate more ghosts as well as clear the enemy floor faster. As for Rakan, after surfing reduces the enemy team's armor and buffs his own shield, outside there is Xayah standing and shooting secondary damage, causing physical damage to all enemies hit by Rakan's skills. Finally, the main tank is named Udyr, who is strong enough to ram the opponent's chess piece and then smash it to the ground, causing damage to the surrounding area. When he loses more than 50%, he regains health, increases movement speed, and turns the move back into into continuous attacks, increasing continuous attack speed. So Udyr will hold tank items and bloodsucking items to survive longer. Another tip for this formation is that when countering Bard, every time Azir defeats an enemy, it will leave a soldier with a fairly good amount of health, and this makes Bard's move take a lot of time to execute. touching the carry team, the same goes for Aphelios. That's why people say that Exodia is the king of all cards but requires many factors from skill to luck.


_With an Exodia article, upgrades in terms of money or experience will be given top priority: Experience Promotion Towards the End Balanced Budget Hedge Fund Golden Rain Patience Learning Clear Clutter .. .

_Currently with the addition of surprises, in a match, in addition to having a lot of gold, there will be a lot more items, so we should also add more core items and this Bard squad needs to draw pretty good items. so we also need to add Pandora's Box cores, Large Storage Bag, Magic Bow, Wand, Buried Treasure, Treasure, ....

_ Regarding combat cores, this squad has some pretty good cores: Kham Bao Thach III Three Cay Chum Back Nhat Thong II, ....


_ Because this is a Fast 9 Exodia lesson, cores for gold or experience will be extremely suitable:

  • Bard : All players reach level 3
  • Hwei: Depicts the shopping circle with all five-money generals
  • Irelia: The player's shop will appear with champions of each price in the next two rounds
  • Jax : Gives players a choice between turn gold and champions
  • Kha'Zix : Buy experience Costs three gold instead of four for the next three rounds or permanently
  • Morgana: Fills the shopping circle with four-cost champions/ Gives players the choice between upgrading two-cost champions or receiving 10 gold
  • Neeko : Adds a small cloner or a cloner to all champions in the market round
  • Darius: Transforms a champion standing in a special box on the field into another champion of the same value for 5 rounds /Gives players a choice between 20 experience and 10 free returns
  • Syndra: The shopping circle will now have a four-cost, two-star champion
  • Tahm Kench: Gives the player a forge equipped with ingredients or 10 gold/ Invites the player into the pond to catch fish. Everyone will receive a reward based on the number of fish he eats
  • Tristana : Gives the player a gift of gold
  • Xayah and Rakan: Rakan will perform automatic card rotation. Xayah gives players gold.
  • Yorick: Reduces store exchange price from two to 1 for the next three rounds or permanently
  • Illaoi : Gives players eight free redemptions this round

_ Some good bonuses for rolls, along with some bonuses for clones:

  • Udyr : Gives players four free returns forever
  • Cho'Gath : Gives the player two small clones and one clone.
  • Caitlyn : Gives players four free redemptions during the round
  • Amumu: The shopping circle is now full of three-money and two-star generals
  • Azir : Get six free redemptions forever

_ Because it is Exodia, there are many carry generals, so item encounters will be a reasonable choice:

  • Zyra : Select an item, Zyra grants you three copies of it
  • Yone: All champions in the shopping round have an additional piece of attack equipment
  • Wukong: All champions in the shopping round have light equipment
  • Udyr : Gives the player two pieces of component equipment based on the chosen form for five gold
  • Thresh: Champions in the market round will pawn artifacts
  • Soraka: All champions in the shopping round have an additional support item/ Let players choose between support items
  • Shen: All generals in the shopping round have an additional support item/Gives players a starting package including a general and a piece of component equipment
  • .....