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The red and black clans are a clan that is always sought after by chess players every time a new season is released because of their red and black nature as well as the large amount of rewards each time they "explode the pot" and this season 10 we welcome the clan. The system for addicts is called Heartsteel. There is no need to sell too much blood when every 4 rounds we explode, we accumulate points based on losses as well as kills, so this is also a clan that many fast 9 gamers trust to use to have a stable amount of income. early game. The accumulated number gradually increases according to milestones and rounds, so today we will learn about the "Heart Thief" deck with the main carry being Ezreal. When Ezreal casts the move, he will teleport away from the current target and deal 231/347/1040 physical damage to them. Every third cast, deals 325/488/1463 physical damage to all enemies in a straight line. And yet, with the superstar effect plus 15% damage, Ezreal turns into a heavy carry with one shot to clear the opponent's back line. Not only that, this squad is also supported by a carry of another Heartsteel type named Kayn. Dash forward, then deal 380/575/4000 magic damage to adjacent enemies and subject them to the Numblight effect for 3 seconds. If he only hits 1 target, Kayn immediately casts it again, turning Kayn into a true "reaper" and can help Ezreal deal with the remaining weak health targets.

So let's find out how to operate this bet.


-Always the most sought after clan because of the redness it brings and the source of income, equipment and countless other interesting things it brings

_Full damage tank combined with 5 coins, this is no different from another version of "Exodia"

_Items for carry or tank can also be flexed due to the versatility of the generals in the squad


_Because of luck, if you're unlucky, what you get is not the top 1 but the handcuffs :)))

_This is a difficult squad to play that requires reasonable eco and roll calculations to be able to deff through stages and then explode because this clan does not increase damage or any stats in combat for champions, so it will be weak. than other ethnic groups

_Currently, it's quite weaker than other meta cards but will become a hot pick in the next update when most Heartsteel champions are buffed.

How to play

A brief explanation about the clan:

Collect Hearts when destroying enemies. Get more for losing fights with players. After every 4 rounds of combat, players convert Hearts into powerful rewards!

(3) 1x Heart

(5) 2.5x Hearts

(7) 6x Hearts

(10) 10x Hearts, Get rewards every round and keep 80% of your Hearts!

Received gifts can be gold, champions, items, shovels, seal books, support items, light items, or even tactical crowns.

Early game: We should only play when 3 Heartsteel generals appear at the beginning of the game or there is a Heartsteel superstar of one of the 2 generals Aphelios or K'Sante at the beginning of the game to have an early economic amount. At the beginning of the game, we will defend with the Heartsteel form sandwiched with the Guardian Shooter and the Hard Fan 2023-12-03 180321-1701601420.png

Damage items at this time will be given to Aphelios, prioritizing picking up swords and bows to install strong damage items from the beginning such as Infinity Sword Blue Bow while tank items will prioritize the Warmog Blood Armor Stone Statue. You can lose early because at the beginning of the game we will lose quite a bit of blood, so we can get delicious items early. Usually at this stage there are only 3 Heartsteels, but sometimes you are lucky enough to have 4 Heartsteel champions + 1 superstar, so you will have 5 Heartsteels early on, at this point you will be able to have a large amount of equipment or a large amount of gold compared to the rest. remaining of the lobby

Mid-game: Still the story of Up 6 in 3.2, find yourself a better superstar and at this stage the 2 best superstars are still Aphelios or Sett, Yone is also ok but can't be a pure tank or pure damage like 2 the remaining general. Use form 5 Heartsteel to play a winning streak or a losing streak to prepare for a comeback in level 4. Capture valuable generals and be able to stimulate the remaining clans with Heartsteel generals such as Caitlyn's attack with Aphelios or Zac's fighter attack with Sett, use everything you have to debuff this stage. Moving to step 4, what we need to do is sell superstars 2 and 3 for the money we use to deff, level up to level 8 and roll stronger superstars. We can use any superstar, but the best will still be superstar Ezreal and roll 8 will have a chance of 5 coins, so we can completely activate 7 Heartsteel right at this stage. Roll until the form is stable and start saving money to get to 9. Grab any champion that has a high cost and is versatile as well as valuable to our squad.

Late game: At this point, almost all of our generals have items and are level 9. There are many options at this stage, we can give up Heartsteel and switch to 5 Exodia money or continue to play with Ezreal sometimes Sell it to get superstar Kayn or Jhin to have a more stable amount of damage. Basically, this card only includes Heartsteel and 5-cost champions, so the value of using this squad is very high and very strong in the final stages when the opponent's equipment is out.

Note: We can use Heartsteel at any stage to get an amount of income or items and then move on to other cards, which is also very good, remember to take advantage of that.


  • There is a unique upgrade of Heartsteel called Heart Thief that helps us accumulate more numbers and faster to unlock big milestones of this tribe.
  • Item upgrades: Buried Treasure I Pandora's Box Protective Crown Fully Equipped Wand is also a good choice
  • Upgrades that help increase the team's strength are always prioritized: Gem Stone III Recovery Bridge I Submit Talent Search Arena
  • Cores that help us level up quickly or give us income such as: Tycoon Clear and Messy Promotions Experience Hedge Fund will help us reach level 8 early and update the squad faster
  • And the cores that give us health or help us turn the odds in the first game like: Ten Dead One Born Giant Turns On Bet Your Life or even Final Momentum will help us make a comeback with just a small amount of health.