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The meta is gradually changing continuously thanks to nerf buffs or edits from riot and there are constantly appearing many very strange matches such as: Ezreal with Twisted Fate or Caitlyn True Damage. And currently, a chess set is stirring up the challenge ranks on servers called Ezreal - Zed. After the Heartsteel race was edited, this is not really a buff, not even a nerf, it's simply a tweak to the gameplay, causing Heartsteel players to take more risks out of the top, but the rewards they receive are Heartsteel chests are also larger, leading to sweeter wins. After being reworked, Heartsteel players will have a new option: Do not receive rewards after 4 rounds, continue to accumulate hearts. In the following 4 rounds, players will receive x2 hearts for losses, but with only 1 win, they will "explode" and lose 40% of their available hearts. The risks and rewards therein are clear. If the losing streak cannot be maintained, the player loses 40% of their hearts and the reward value is reduced. The plurality also means that the rewards also increase, so we can put full items on many carries, thereby increasing the team's strength. This squad not only has Zed Ezreal's damage but also has help from Jhin - a super strong monster carry champion in the Exodia squad or Ziggs who has both wide area damage and the ability to reduce enemy damage from Tuyet. Sharp; Besides that, there is also a pretty solid tank set including Zac Poppy Sett, Zac and Poppy will be used as the main tank and the remaining tanks will be put on Sett. So let's find out how to deploy this squad.


_Always the most sought after clan because of the redness it brings and the source of income, equipment and countless other interesting things it brings

_Full damage tank combined with 5 coins, this is no different from another version of "Exodia"

_Items for carry or tank can also be flexed due to the versatility of the generals in the squad

_Ezreal and Zed are two pretty strong carries in the current meta


_Need a lot of items for 2 carries as well as tank items, so if you don't start with Heartsteel or have cores for items, it's quite difficult to operate the squad.

_Because of luck, if you're unlucky, what you get is not the top 1 but the handcuffs :)))

_This is a difficult squad to play that requires reasonable eco and roll calculations to be able to deff through stages and then explode because this clan does not increase damage or any stats in combat for champions, so it will be weak. than other ethnic groups

How to play

A brief explanation about the clan:

Collect Hearts when destroying enemies. Get more for losing fights with players. After every 4 rounds of combat, players convert Hearts into powerful rewards!

(3) 1x Heart

(5) 2.5x Hearts

(7) 6x Hearts

(10) 10x Hearts, Get rewards every round and keep 80% of your Hearts!

Received gifts can be gold, champions, items, shovels, seal books, support items, light items, or even tactical crowns.

Early game: We should only play when 3 Heartsteel generals appear at the beginning of the game or there is a Heartsteel superstar of one of the 2 generals Aphelios or K'Sante at the beginning of the game to have an early economic amount. In case we don't have 3 Heartsteel early, we will play a losing streak and only catch the Heartsteel general, then use the advantage of going to the market early to get more missing Heartsteel generals or have a shovel to combine the Heartsteel seal. We will prioritize items for the main carry of this squad, Ezreal, with the super faulty combo of Blue Amulet, Red Amulet Infinity Sword and comes with a tank item for the top row, Moon Spirit Shoulder Armor, to have the ability to reduce armor. In case of reduced healing from the Flame Cloak or the Super Strike core, we can install Deathblade or any other damage item for Ezreal, Blue Bow is also quite good in the case of no shoulder armor or large area armor reduction. After that, we will install more tanks for the above deck because we need to entice Ezreal to use moves and this champion deals damage over time, so after having Ezreal's full combo of items, we will prioritize installing a full tank first and then to Zed's stuff. Zed's items will usually be the remaining items we have or items dropped from the Heartsteel pot, but if possible, we will give Zed a Cloak of Darkness along with the bloodsucker Blood Sword Hand of Justice, the last item added. Another ad damage item like Infinity Sword or Death Sword or sometimes we use 2 bloodsucking items is fine because Zed's damage is damage over time thanks to the Frenzy system.

Mid-game: In the mid-game stages of 3.2, 3.5 or 4.1, we will still keep leveling up to level 6 and 7, but we should still keep the losing streak and accumulate income always at 50 and roll to earn form at level 8. We only roll here if we need to find another Heartsteel champion to reach level 5 or 7. So what we need to do in this stage is to eco money to keep the chain, pick up the necessary items for Ezreal. In case you have too little health left, you can upgrade to 8 as early as 4.1 to earn form

Late game: A quite important stage when we will almost replace many generals in the squad with better pieces. The best superstar will probably still be Ezreal, right now you shouldn't be picky between superstar Heartsteel or Big shot because this champion is being used by many people. In addition to Ezreal, we capture Zed Poppy Zac and jazz champions such as Miss Fortune Bard Lucian. If we don't have superstar Ezreal, we can absolutely catch Zed or Zac or Poppy. After having enough forms of 4-cost generals, we start to save money and use the gifts from the Heartsteel jar to increase the team's strength as well as reach level 9. After reaching levels 9 and 10, we need to What to do at this time is to add 5-cost generals such as: Jhin to get 4 Big Ears and Big Faces, which also contributes more damage to the following team, Illaoi helps the team be more powerful to buy time for Ezreal as well as Zed to play the game. and has tentacles that both add tank and can counter Pentakill clamping Akali which is hot right now; Or you can also use Ziggs, which has both great damage reduction and 2 attack system milestones for Jazz,...And another option that is not bad in this squad is Kayn because of its ability to dash as well as the amount of damage it deals. It turns out that it is not a small thing that helps us easily achieve higher rankings. Note on the formation: we should put Zed to avoid the enemy's back carry, and put Ezreal in front of the enemy's main tanks or short-armed carry generals like Yone Viego Riven because the ability to burn blood from the red buff is then limited. gain the strength of the enemy squad


  • There is a unique upgrade of Heartsteel called Heart Thief that helps us accumulate more numbers and faster to unlock big milestones of this tribe.
  • Item upgrades: Buried Treasure I Pandora's Box Protective Crown Fully Equipped Wand is also a good choice
  • Upgrades that help increase the team's strength are always a priority: Gem Stone III Recovery Bridge I Bigger Talent Search
  • Cores that help us level up quickly or give us income such as: Tycoon Clear and Messy Promotions Experience Hedge Fund will help us reach level 8 early and update the squad faster
  • And the cores that give us health or help us turn the odds in the first game like: Ten Dead One Born Giant Turns On Bet Your Life or even Final Momentum will help us make a comeback with just a small amount of health.