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This continues to be a cheap champion reroll but has an extremely powerful power called Gnar carry. As a general with 3 clans, he is an extremely versatile general, but can he carry? When full, Gnar jumps over the current target and transforms into Giant Gnar until the end of combat, gaining 500/550/600 Health and 70% Attack Damage. Subsequent casts deal 184/276/415 physical damage to the current target. But the special thing is that the superstar Gnar will turn giant as soon as the fight starts, which means we will have a carry with a large amount of health but giving out an extremely stable amount of damage, with the clan. With his super attack system, every time he loses health, Gnar will gain attack speed as well as full health drain. Not only that, the pentakill clan helps us reduce 15% of the damage received and deal more damage. For each kill, Pentakill champions celebrate and increase their damage by 25%. Upon achieving their 5th kill, all Pentakill champions celebrate together and your team gains 50% Attack Speed. All of the above makes Gnar super strong with a large amount of damage, so let's find out how to deploy this squad.


_It is a very strong card in the early to mid game when we can absolutely have superstar Gnar from as early as 2.1 because the rate of having a 2-cost superstar at level 4 is 25% so we can consider pre-leveraging in the round. 3rd monster so right after moving to 2.1 we will be at level 4 and have a 2 cost superstar chance.

_Very diverse items along with the hard-core fan clan will help Gnar have a Sterak Claw very early to help defend blood better

_If there are few Gnars, you can level up and switch to basic Pentakill or the Akali Karthus match, at which point Gnar's item will change to Akali


_Because it's a 2-money reroll, you can't expect too much at the end of the game if there's no Yorick 2 or 5-cost generals to add damage later.

_Hard Fans are a hot race at the beginning of the game so everyone will hold at least 1 Gnar so it's difficult to roll to 3 stars

_Easy to be countered by even quick shock damage cards

How to play

Early game: Will still def with the Hard Fan form because this is still a very strong clan at the beginning of the game. If we don't have superstar Gnar, we will consider using other 1-money superstars to pawn items like Yasuo or Olaf and attack. Necessary clans to activate their power and then activate 3 more hard fans so they have 1 more item to help us have a better early game. During shopping rounds, priority is given to picking up bows, then swords, and then armor to quickly get the core combo for Gnar, which is Giant Power and Blood Sword. This item is also an item for Yorick or Poppy or any Super Quack champion so pick up as many as possible. In addition, you can flex Infinity Sword or Hand of Justice or items that help the carry survive early combat such as Dark Cloak or Mercury Cloak to avoid shock damage. The most reasonable thing is that we will use superstar 1 def until 3.1. Form when using Yasuo def :

Form when using Olaf:

Note: You should only exchange items for Gnar when Gnar turns 2 or has a superstar Gnar

Mid-game: this is the important stage of most reroll cards and for this Gnar card we will start "playing the game" at 3.2. This is the perfect stage to reach 6, sell superstars for 1 money and find your own superstar Gnar. There are 3 cases corresponding to 3 ethnic groups. If you are a Hard Fan superstar, it's great that our Gnar will have Ghoul Claw - the light item of Sterak's Claw when we activate the 5 hard fan milestone, Ghoul Claw Once per fight, while remaining. 60% Health, 30% maximum Health increase and 55% Attack Power help Gnar become a true demon in this stage 3. The target clan that needs to attack at this time will be 5 Hard Fans, 5 Pentakills and 2 Super Kicks

In case 2, when we are a Pentakill superstar, we will aim for 5 Pentakill 4 Super Rolls, sandwiching an additional 5-coin multi-purpose card like Illaoi or Ziggs or we can activate 7 Pentakill 4 Super Rolls

Case 3 is also the case that should be given priority as the super star and the form will be the same as above. After leveling up at 3.2, roll to earn form, we start to save money and slow roll at level 6, go to the market to pick up more items for extra carries and tank items, slow roll for 3-star Gnar and then use the money to level up. The next level. If you get to 4.1 or 4.2 and still don't have a 3-star Gnar, you should consider spending money to get a 3-star Gnar or leveling up and switching to Karthus Akali. Note how to arrange cards to prevent Gnar from being shocked early because opponent's carries.

Late game: At this stage, we only focus a lot on card placement as well as adding multi-purpose 5-cost generals to help the team become stronger at this late game stage: Illaoi is a good choice because of its tankiness as well as the Tentacles help the carry play the game longer, or Qiyana hacks more items for the squad or Ziggs helps with damage in the back. Or you can increase Pentakill for Gnar to get more damage at the end of the game


  • Item upgrades: Buried Treasure I Pandora's Box Protective Crown Fully Equipped Wand is also a good choice
  • Upgrades that help increase the team's strength are always a priority: Quach Bao Thach III Recovery Bridge I Punk Player Submit Talent Search Arena
  • Core rolls such as: Winning Tickets Silver Tickets Superhero Goods Bags Sweet Fruits Diamond Tickets Shoppers will help us gild the team faster