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The power of the 2-3-money general in this season 11 is extremely formidable, evidenced by the fact that there have been many matches using 2-3-money carries that were and are currently in the top meta of the game: noble Bard, Shen. carry, Duel Alune Yone, Kindred Gnar,... And currently there is a card that is stirring up the meta with a stable amount of damage, comprehensive attack and defense and can flex many systems: Janna carry. The general has the Dragon King clan - the most used clan throughout season 11 thanks to its versatility when after 8 seconds of fighting, the Dragon King will attack the field, dealing true damage to the enemy. enemies and increases Attack Speed for all allies until the end of combat. Specific clan milestones:

2) 5% health  damage, 12% attack speed.

(3) 10% health  damage, 18% attack speed.

(4) 10% health  damage and Stun for 1.5 seconds.

(5) 15% health  damage, 45% attack speed.

In previous seasons, there were also many clans that buffed the entire squad, but those generals were only capable of supporting or only used to stimulate the system, and the Dragon King was also programmed like that, typically in most Exodia cards. will all clamp down on the Dragon King. However, in this season 11, Janna and Diana have created a super strong match when Janna's super high damage and armor creation combined with Diana's strength and recovery makes this match have a top rate. high. Let's find out how we will operate this match.


_ The amount of tank damage is stable. Carry generals with extra damage can flex items

_ The battle card has many activated clans, so it's quite good if it has a unified core

_ In late, you can add 5-cost generals to carry or completely switch to Exodia because the squad has many clans that buff the whole team such as: Dragon King Quy Nhan Thien Cung Hien Gia


_ Because it is a reroll, the necessary condition is to have Janna and Diana with 3 stars otherwise it will not be easy to get out of the top

_ Easy to compete for main champions in the squad because the champions used are all versatile champions and are an important part of most current top meta squads.

_ It's easy to compete because this is a pretty hot card in the meta

How to play

Formation explanation: The formation uses Janna as the main carry and champions such as: Zoe Soraka Zyra will help with damage, so you can also roll and gilding the formation and put more items on these champions. Janna's item will be an AP item, but if she can draw it, the combo Shojin's Spear Guinsoo's Angelic Staff will be a defensive item. With the Shojin Spear, it will help her attack more, Guinsoo's Rage Blade will help her attack faster and accidentally stacks with the Dragon King so her attacks are also more frequent and stacks with the Shojin Spear and with the Heavenly Scepter. God will help the amount of damage generated be the most stable because this is a time-based squad, so the amount of AP that the Angel's Staff brings until the end of the fight is extremely reasonable. To do the above, you need a strong tank general and Diana will take on that role.

Early game: At this stage it is not difficult to get Janna early because this general only costs 2 money, but if we don't have it, we will use cheaper generals to pawn for Janna. Ahri is one of the top choices as she is the strongest 1-money general with an AP pawn in the early stages of the game and her 2 clans are also easy to activate and strong early on. So we will use form 3 Fate 2 Mages to deff early game and optimize the amount of items we currently have. AP items will be thrown to Ahri and tank items can be given to Yasuo. Or we can go up from the Historian form because this battle uses 3 Historians, Janna's items can be held by Zyra and later we will exchange them for Janna. One nice thing is that in addition to holding a full tank for Diana, we will have another option which is to build her 2 Giant Powers and 1 Blood Sword and we should only build like that so we have a core of Extraordinary Powers from Will build stuff like that soon. With her ability, Diana restores 275/300/375 Health and creates a 1-cell sanctuary around Diana for 4 seconds, taking 30% reduced damage from enemies outside the sanctuary. While the sanctuary is active, Diana's attacks deal additional 75/110/170 magic damage. That's why with that amount of items, it will help her become almost immortal, and not only will it also create a huge amount of damage. If we don't have a core, we will use Giant Power along with tank items. That's why we should prioritize picking up bows and then AP items like tears, clubs, etc. Eco and accumulate a reasonable amount of money about 20 - 30 coins in round 2.5 because we will roll in and find the form in mid game stage

Mid-game: This is an extremely important stage because this is when we will spend and eco money to roll form as well as gold plate the team. Round 3.2 we will upgrade to 6 and roll to find a form for ourselves. At least there should be 1 Janna and 1 Diana and 3 Historians sandwiched with Soraka or Neeko. In case there is a pair of Janna or Diana, you can use a little more force to get one of them to 2 stars early. With Janna 2 in early form, this deck's mid-game will be very strong. Eco accumulates income and starts slow rolling to gold plate the team. 2 The positions that need the most priority are Diana and Janna getting 3 stars. During the process of rolling these two generals, we can capture the remaining generals and roll them to 3 stars. With Neeko or Riven, when reaching 3 stars, it will help the team become more sturdy and buy time for the carry, so they will become secondary tanks, using items such as: Warmog Blood Armor, Dragon Claw Pendant of Atonement or 1 Thief Gloves is enough. As for Zyra, she has the ability to reduce the enemy team's heal, Soraka destroys enemy energy, Zoe will cause damage to many enemies. The common point of these generals is magic damage, so when one of them reaches 3 Why will we throw them AP items along with a mana-boosting item like Shojin Spear or Blue Talisman or the hot item right now, Adaptive Hat? There is a reason for using so many generals with so many clans and this is also part of the value of the squad. Enabling 3 Historians is for us to use Kayle's magic spell and help Janna and one other ally gain %ap. The Dragon King milestone will help deal standard damage and attack speed that is very suitable for Guinsoo's Rage Blade. Janna, the Sage mark, has both AP buffed the next 2 decks and also buffed full blood drain for the above 2 decks, so sometimes when choosing the core, we can get the Sage Mark to play this match, and the Thien Cung mark will give We add a little more health to the whole team from Neeko and AP from Soraka. When everything is fine, we will gradually upgrade to the following levels to make the squad stronger.

Late game: What to use in this phase will depend on the squad, core, or the encounters that have occurred. Two pretty good champions for us to pick up in this late game are Rakan and Wukong. Because we already have two heavenly palaces, Neeko as well as Soraka, we will take another super strong heavenly general, Wukong. If Neeko gives us more health, Soraka gives us 10% more AP, then Wukong helps the team have 12% more attack speed and when activating 3 heavenly bows, that number will increase to about 16% - this helps our Janna have more attack speed. Increases the number of crazy blades faster and clears the floor faster. Not only that, Wukong is also a super strong general with his move set. Dashing, stunning single targets and the ability to deal physical damage in a straight line of 3 cells with the board, we have nothing more to discuss. After Wukong, we will add Rakan and hit the 3 noble mark, the armor will increase from 10 to 25, helping the squad become stronger. In addition, after surfing, Rakan reduces the enemy team's armor and buffs his own shield. Outside, Xayah stands and shoots secondary damage, causing physical damage to all enemies hit by Rakan's skills. There is another way to play this team. When we don't have many Janna or Diana, we can eco straight to 9 and exchange Janna's items for Hwei or Azir and play the Exodia card.


_With a reroll, the upgrades we prioritize will be the upgrades on the mirror machine or rolls such as: Two For One Infinite Dice I Replenishment of Forces Superhero Item Bag Building a Combat Zone Squad Translate Diamond Ticket Silver Ticket or if you are in an emergency situation, you can absolutely take the Hellfire Deal to be able to have a large amount of gold-plated economic rolls for your team, but I do not recommend taking this core.

_We use this squad to fast 9 so upgrades in terms of money or experience are a reasonable choice: Experience Promotion Aiming for the End Balanced Budget Hedge Fund Golden Rain Patience Learning Messy Clear and Knock Down, Ky Nguyen, ....

_Currently with the addition of surprises, in a match, in addition to having a lot of gold, there will be a lot more items, so we should also add more item cores and this Janna squad needs to draw quite nice items. so we also need to add Pandora's Box cores, Large Item Bag, Magic Bow, Wand, Buried Treasure, Treasure, Large Item Bag, Gladiator....

_ Regarding combat cores, this squad has some pretty good cores: Kham Bao Thach III Nhat Thong II, The Obstacle Road, Sacrifice, Ascension of Poison Doctor II...

_ Especially the lineup is quite good if there are more seals: An Thien Cung An Hien Gia,...

_ More importantly, this squad has 1 core used to carry, which is Entering the Dragon Path, a core that can be used to make the squad have x2 strength.