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Version 13.24b must be said to bring a great favor to Jax. When both of the temple keeper's clans are heavily buffed. EDM increases the base damage, and the time EDM uses Jax also reduces by 1 second; When it comes to super swing, the attack speed will be buffed by up to 10% at marks 4 and 6, making the mid and late game of the super roll champions as strong as dragons and tigers. Plus, his super fun hammer-wielding friend Poppy is also buffed, so you won't have to worry about lacking damage in the late game. And so weapon master Jax is back and more powerful than before.


- The activated systems will not be many, they will mainly buff Jax's strength, so we put all our resources on him with 6 super moves, buffing Jax up to 60% more attack speed and 20% more lifesteal. totality. Besides EDM and super fun, we have 2 fighters with the combination of Set and Zac. So if you have tank items, it's best to give them to Set, raising him to 3 stars is fine, but if Set refuses to contribute, you will transfer the items to Poppy or Zac.

- This post currently doesn't have too many players so you can spam it.

- Why can Jax only play now? Because both the EDM and super quarry systems have been heavily buffed in version 13.24b. Easy to play, easy to win, just go to Jax 3 and rush to the finish line, add Poppy and Yorick late to help carry the damage.


- The biggest disadvantage is Jax's target selection mechanism. It chooses the target with the most health within 2 cells, so if the enemy arranges it well, Jax will have a lot of difficulty reaching the main force. However, his skills also make up for it a bit when he has the ability to turn his hand and cast magic spells on surrounding targets, so he doesn't have to worry about single targets. If the enemy is grouped together, Jax will clear it super quickly. .

- The next weakness that not only Jax but most melee champions suffer from is being controlled, standing still, not being able to lift his hand and then cooking. So if you have cores like indomitable will and silver cloak, you should pick them up right away to save the stupid boy Jax.

How to Play

- There are many forms of def at the beginning of the game. If there is a champion with 2 stars, you should put it in defense and activate the system around it. Especially don't be too picky about superstars and try to do the best business possible by accumulating income.

But the piece that is easiest to deft and deploy to attack Jax most conveniently in the 2-dot phase will definitely be Vi. Because she is a champion with the same super attack system as Jax and is especially buffed with more mana, armor and magic resistance; Superstar Vi also received % AD buff. So it will help you not waste too much blood, even hitting winstreaks

- The perfect deck at level 4 would be: Jinx, Vi, Gnar and Jax. Vi can hold anything from tanks to dames, so please optimize for her.

When it comes to the kicker round, you should sell Vi to prepare for 3 dots to start looking for Jax's superstar

- Usually you will upgrade to 6 in round 3.2. At this time, if you have winstreak, you should choose cores that can increase the strength of the squad, not greedy for economic cores like tycoons, for example. Second, don't hesitate to spend a few coins to roll and update your squad on the form.

- The stable deck at level 6 will be: Vi, Gnar, Jax, Lux, Sett and Urgot. At this point, your cards are in form so you can easily suppress other houses in the lobby, so you just need to eco gold and slowroll Jax 3.

While rolling 6, you get Zac, please replace Vi, to increase the fighter mark as well as increase the EDM mark, the ratio is just a number, who knows, you might be lucky.

- After reaching Jax 3, your squad is almost complete. Now you just need to upgrade and add the super cool pieces and missing EDM.

-When you have duplicate cards, you don't have to fight over Jax 3 with someone else's house and both cook together. You can use the Jax you have to keep your health up, and also do super attacks but use Poppy as your main force.

+ For those of you who haven't caught up with the recent update, Poppy has been buffed for both regular and superstar champions. Specifically, Poppy's skill damage increased from: 240/240/500% >>> 260/260/525%. As for superstars, 150 Health 10 AD >>> 200 Health 15 AD

+ The super awesome Poppy card form for you to refer to is as follows: Gnar, Jax, Amumu, Sett, Urgot, Vex, Poppy and Yorick. The superstar needed will be Poppy emo. Power and blood sword are Jax's two items that Poppy can use. If you have 1 extra magic damage item, you will give it to Vex. The main tanker will be Amumu, Vex will support the damage from behind. If you have the Emo press, you can use Karthus instead of Vex to get an additional Pentakill. With this frame, we can see that it is no different from Jax's forms, right? It's very easy to rotate, just replace the EDM champion with Emo so that Poppy can reduce energy consumption to perform skills, from there on. Throwing continuous blows, feet never touching the ground.


- The fighting core reserved for super heroes is: Surrender to the arena. For each adjacent enemy, the super hero will gain 3 armor, 3 magic resistance, 3 attack power, 3 magic power and 3% speed.

- Besides, you also receive 1 Jax to help level 3 more easily. Giant power is Jax's powerful item, so we cannot ignore the giant power core.

- If you are afraid of Jax dying suddenly, you can pick a strong growth core to help him have more health. Specifically, the whole team will receive 80 health and permanently receive 10 health for every two kills

- Other basic fighting cores such as: recovery bridge, poisoner, vampire, indomitable will, gemstone inlay, idealism Jax quite needs nice things, so if the first core has a pandora box, you should also pick

- This Jax card will use quite a few support items, so the support item inventory will also be a good choice.

The support item is a cross necklace, which gives the owner and nearby allies within 1 box on the top row immunity to control for 18 seconds.

Then comes Legion's Shield (At the beginning of combat: increases attack speed by 30%, Armor and Magic Resist by 20 for the owner and allies behind for 10 seconds).

And ranked 3rd is the Iron Solari Pendant (Start combat: create 250/300/350 shield and 20 Armor and 20 Magic Resist for the owner and allies in the same row within 2 cells for 20 seconds)

- Good superhero bag Building a team with clone machines will speed up the process of searching for Jax 3