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Carry Champion


This is a lineup that revolves around two spearheads: Jayce and Jinx. Piltover's commissioner is no longer a mobile zeke but has been buffed to become a real team carry, worthy of the 3v price.

As for jinx, she benefits from the zaun edit, helping the mods to be overloaded as soon as they hit level 4.

This squad was not played much when it first launched season 9.5, because there were too many stronger things like Bilgewater's cannons, or the ability of the lawless qiyana to assassinate the back row carry in one fell swoop. But when they all set out, this is when snipers take over.


This is a fairly easy game to play, easy to operate, pushes the lobby very strongly with TF or URF legends, can play based on a lot of items and still be at the top stably.

Damage is very high, every piece has the ability to deal damage and early game defense is also easy with many forms

The sniper's powerful damage output will help ane destroy all squads in the meta, especially big, fat chogaths that cannot be killed.


Because it's a reroll formation, you need to make sure to roll it out otherwise you'll easily get caught in the handcuffs.


Ornn and ez are always the national choices, because fighting with items is always very easy, especially with ornn, they also have quite unique artifacts, the most prominent of which is definitely the marksman viewfinder for players. Sniper shooting boom boom chit chit is extremely painful.

Poro is always a legend for those who don't like to be restrained but like to flex and sass. URF is a very delicious legend because in addition to the top choice of sniper, you can also take the zaun press or the piltover press. there.

How to Play

There are many ways for you to keep your health in the early game, try to revolve around the 2s champions you have. But to get many 2-star generals, you need to capture 1-cost pairs right from the first monster rounds.

Sure, the best start would be 3 piltovers to accumulate numbers for the dinosaurs. With this starting point, just sit back and check the lobby and arrange it so that a losing streak of 5 monsters is the best.

When you get to 3 dots, try to lose at least 2 more matches so that the dinosaur has at least 20 numbers before starting to prepare to explode. Even if you have a lot of health, you can still lose at this stage and explode at 4. . that's okay too.

If you don't keep spending money after turning 7 to get to full 2s, it will easily explode in front of houses that haven't spent money yet. The current form is jayce - jinx - ekko - vi - graves - aphelios - a fighter like sejuani or reksai. Then just slowroll at this level to earn jayce 3 and vi 3,

Switch to the jinx zaun form, like any other reroll team, just def health as usual and then get to 6 in 3.2, then slowroll here to look for jinx and warwick 3. The form will be jinx - jayce - ekko - warwick - graves - A brave warrior like sett or darius, if there is a 4v champion like aphe or silco, even better, but you will slowroll at this level so it will be easy to find. The most optimal is the silco clip to activate 4 zauns, helping you have 2 overloaded mods that are sure to do both damage and tanking, making the 2 chosen champions, jinx and ww, much more versatile. At level 7, clamp the last sniper note to trigger level 4, helping to increase the damage a lot. One thing to note is that you don't have to follow any one squad, you can combine both, like the jinx team can roll more vi 3 to make a tank.


First we can mention the sniper models, the best ones are silver cores because you don't necessarily need cores of this system. Same with Zaun's core. Piltover is always a bad choice.

Next, we have fighting cores such as the separate core of sniper-sniper duels to increase the attack speed of champions of this type, or friends from far away with social distancing to increase some stats,... especially If you play Jayce Carry, you definitely can't help but choose the power-up core of Piltover's magical creators.

The cores that give equipment advantages such as buried treasure, bags of items from the legendary ez urf are also very good, because it will be easier for you to draw items, and in the early stages of fighting with items, you always keep your health very well.


These portals are suitable for this lesson plan:

- Finn's Market: Every match, Bilgewater Finn's Shop will randomly appear twice and provide Complete, Artifact, Support and Light items. You will get to choose one for free!

-Slum Town: Starting from round 2, the Lucky Shop will appear randomly once per round. This store will contain champions suitable for your squad.

- Killing Harbor Bridge: Get a number of free shop refreshes equal to the current number of rounds + 1 at the start of each round! They will only be valid during the round in which you receive them.

- Holy Light Shield House: Receive 1 Demacia Crown in round 2-1. If a champion wearing this item dies, you immediately lose the fight.

- Ehrenmount: Receive 3 component equipment packages at the start of the match

- Home: In rounds 4-5, receive a consumable Masterpiece Upgrade to upgrade an installed item to a Light item.

- Ornn's Forge: Randomly in rounds 2-5 or 3-5, receive 1 Artifact Equipment Pack.

- Treasure Book of Heavenly Fate: Receive 1 Book of Knowledge in rounds 3-5. Use it on a champion to open an armory containing all seals matching that champion's clan.

- Willow Forest: A spot on the queue will turn into a forest. Champions standing here will contribute their clans/attributes (except unique clans/attributes) as if they were in battle.

- Dream Lake: At the start of each round, receive 1 champion that matches your squad.

- Shurima Market: Each champion in the market round will carry 2 equipment components instead of 1.

- Mobile Desert: At the beginning of each round, the champions in the 3 rightmost boxes of the queue will be converted into random champions with the same price.

- Targon Upper World: When Health drops to 40, receive blessings from the Targon gods.

- Mountain Peak: Starting from round 3, receive 1 Small Champion Duplicator at the start of each round. Starting from round 5, get 1 Champion Duplicator instead.

- Yuumi's "Fun" Area: When you buy XP, get 2 more XP.

- Crab Swamp: PvE monsters will be replaced by Scuttler Crabs, giving additional rewards when destroyed.