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One of the three champions remade in version 14.2 - Saint Kayle has brought a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively. Our main character - Kayle has just had her skills reworked. Her passive now always deals magic damage on attacks. When activating the skill, the attack immediately deals widespread damage and applies a magic resistance reduction effect. This reincarnation phase has helped Kayle level up her power a lot, unlike before when Kayle already had the move but it still took a few seconds for the fan effect to start on a large scale, now full of energy it can be eaten. always.


- The obvious advantage of this chess set is its large damage, wiping out many targets at the same time.

- Easy to play, easy to win prizes.

- Currently, Kayle's card is not a trash set like Riven in the previous meta, so not every lobby has someone playing Kayle. You will not have to worry about competing for cards


- Like many other reroll chess sets, your D button comes up one day, fails and you can't find the 9th Kayle, so just go ahead and continue.

- It is necessary to add additional dames later, because a perfect chess set is a chess set with at least two dames. When you are too dependent on Kayle, it will be difficult for you to stay at the top. So to play this set, you need to have a lot of those items, it's not simple

- And a chess set that can extremely counter Kayle is Lux EDM. If you don't arrange Kayle well, Lux will take her picture and disappear

How to Play

- The first sign that you can beat this lesson plan is that after completing the first 3 turns, the monster will give you a piece of equipment such as a bow and a stick to be able to install Kayle's magic item, which is crazy. knife.

- There are many forms of def at the beginning of the game. If there is a champion with 2 stars, you should put it in defense and activate the system around it. You should not accept superstars, but you should also know how to catch superstars appropriately and try to do the best business possible by accumulating profits.

- Once we have a two-star damage-dealing general, we will aim to add superstar generals as tankers and vice versa. Champions that can pawn Kayle well in the early stages of the game are Corki, Jinx, Annie, Nami.

- The perfect deck at level 4 would be: Annie, Olaf, Annie and Seraphine. Annie will make good use of her crazy sword as well as magic spells or gun swords to deal damage and later transfer items to Kayle. With Olaf, you will easily turn to Pentakill.

- Just keep fighting and do the best you can in the 2nd round. Then at 3.2, you will level up to 6 and look for the superstar Kayle. There is no need to be picky about Kayle being the saint or Pentakill, the sooner you get to level 3, the better. At level 6 form at this time, you can already hold hard fans because Gnar is a hybrid champion between hard fans and Pentakill. Line up now will be: Lillia, Olaf, Gnar, Kayle, Mordekaiser and Neeko. At this time, Kayle Pentakill will reach the 5 Pentakill mark. If you are a saint, you will replace Olaf with Yasuo. Let Gnar keep the tank items for Mordekaiser and Viego until he appears.

- Slowroll at level 6 to earn Kayle 3 stars. The deadline that you must be able to upgrade to Kayle 3 is 4.1 and 4.2, because at this time we have started level 8 to start updating the lineup. After reaching 3-star Kayle, you just need to level up as quickly as possible to supplement the missing pieces. I'm only afraid of Kayle having 8 cards, but rerolling makes the game easy, right guys?


- Coming to the upgrade part, we will first think of the upgrade specifically for the band Pentakill, which is the Punk Player. Will help Kayle as well as other Pentakill champions recover when defeating the target. You can also receive 1 Kayle so upgrading to Kayle will also be easier.

- Inlaid with gems to amplify Kayle's damage without using gem gauntlets. The poison pharmacist provides healing ability. When you have this core, you will prioritize building swords and guns for Kayle. Even though there is already healing, when this recovery is superior, Kayle will also deal more standard damage. anymore, fanning will be very painful.

- Attack speed is something that Kayle really craves, so the speedy bow will be an upgrade that cannot be missed, not only does it increase attack speed but also gives a bow piece to mount a crazy blade.

- Similar to the speedy bow, the wand can also be used well for Kayle, increasing magical power and having a stick piece to mount the sword.

- If you don't have the ability to reduce healing, pick a super strong attack.

- Because this card has a lot of champions that can deal damage and also need tank items, getting more equipment is never redundant. Take advantage of the following upgrades: magic warehouse, pandora box, large shopping bag,...

- If you want to upgrade to Kayle 3 soon, you already have the following cores: all stars, flying like a bird, endless dice