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- The beginning of the season is the time for players to chase scores to get the highest possible rankings. Those who experience PBE already have a clear understanding of the clan and generals, and even at a different level, they can master flex play with high-strength systems to produce quality matches. However, if you want to be safe and play well, the hyper roll strategy will be a suitable option when you already have a card form, what you need to do is deploy and spend gold properly to get to the main force. 3 stars.

- The advantage of the beak is that it has low mana, combined with an extremely suitable skill mechanism such as a tiger growing wings, after every two times the skill is used, the attack range will be increased, helping Kogmaw maintain its position. Extremely good, safe in combat. Imagine if having blue would help it develop moves early, spamming moves continuously would be so powerful. Furthermore, the mechanism of selecting targets from skills cannot be criticized when selecting low-health enemies within range.

- Next are its two clans, with a price of only 1 gold but having 3 clans is really a bargain. Sniping for Kogmaw increases its damage based on the distance from it to the target, the farther it is, the more damage it does. Mythic helps increase health, magic power and attack power. The wizard will help Kogmaw restore mana faster


- Easy to play, easy to win, no card sorting skills required, roll 3 stars + nice items and you're done

- Pushes blood well, burns in the mid game


- You need to check your house to see if anyone is playing with you, because if you have the same cards, it will be difficult for you to get 3 stars or you will be late. The possibility of being cuffed is very high when being hugged by a general

- In the late game, you will be overwhelmed if you don't add quality 5-gold generals like Hwei and Udyr

- Sometimes when Kogmaw chooses moving and jumping targets like Kindred, he will easily miss his move

How to Play

- Early game

+ Coming to the squad deployment part, you should play this lesson plan when Kogmaw releases many games, as well as having appropriate equipment such as tears and sticks.

+ Do not press level up after completing the first 3 monster turns because it will affect your income and if you level up faster than expected, when it is time to spend gold to earn Kogmaw 3 before reaching level 5, you will not have much gold.

+ If you have a deft form, you will simply use two giants, Malphite and Chogath, as tanks, and use two snipers, Kogmaw and Caitlyn, in the back. In this case, there are beautiful clothes, installed to keep the blood flowing. That way there won't be much gold, so we'll have to slowroll at level 5

+ If you show Kogmaw without a tank, you will prioritize eco gold, play a losing streak, do the best economy possible so that after the turn you can hyper roll Kogmaw 3 and start making a comeback. Note: Do not take 3-star Cho'gath and Malphite

- Mid game

+ After reaching Kogmaw 3, the furniture also needs to be thoroughly optimized to aim for a winning streak and push the blood of the remaining houses.

+ At level 5, you will add Neeko to have a little more resistance, increase the heavenly bow plus health.

+ At level 6, the strongest will be 4 giants, add Shen and Thresh, temporarily put Neeko in the queue. We will attack the ghost and add damage.

+ At level 7, you can let Neeko return to the field

- Late game

+ Not as gentle as in the middle of the game anymore. When you get to the end, the players who level up will release gold to update their lineup. So you need to check your house carefully to control the match. If the economy has enough strength, you should upgrade to 8 and roll out Annie 1 to have the basis to go to 9.

+ With a giant form when you turn 9. You will take turns replacing quality pieces into the squad. Still 4 giants but instead of using Malphite and Thresh we will switch to Udyr and Ornn.

Leave Neeko behind and use Hwei to strike the myth. The wizard will use Azir, also has a satyr and can add a source of damage later. Senna activates sniper, adding Aatrox also activates shadow, cheating gets 1 more item.

+ Another option is for you to level 9 and add Tahmkench and Hwei to fight 7 myths


- The core helps you make a comeback in the middle of the battle when fighting a myth called Almost Epic. Every time a unique Mythical champion transforms into an Epic, you receive 2 beast health and 3 gold. At the same time, you will receive 1 Cho'Gath and 1 Kog'Maw.

- Upgrade specifically for snipers: Long Range Shot

Sniper Champions gain 15% Attack Speed. Get 1 Caitlyn and 1 Kog'Maw. After the Sniper has attacked a total distance of 1200 cells, receive 1 Sharpshooter's Aim.

- If there is a Map Boss core. Start of combat: Your strongest Giant gains 20% Health. When another Giant dies, they transfer 20% of their Armor and Magic Resist to the strongest Giant. Get 1 Cho'Gath and 1 Malphite. At this time, the only correct way to attack is for you to build 4 giants, creating a barrier for Kogmaw to spit.

- Upgrades help you have mythical seals to mark the 7 myths: mythical badge, mythical crown

- Pandora's box for precise drawing. Or you can supplement your equipment with the following cores: miraculous warehouse, large inventory, Indestructible Fortress, Unleashing Hidden Objects, Divine Dragon Will.

Get 1 Dragon Claw. Every time you restore 8000 Health with Dragon Claw, receive 1 equipment component, maximum 4. With this core, you give Chogath, not only has a strong tank but also hacks more items.

Upgrade normal items to light items for Kogmaw with Holy Light Regeneration. Receive 1 Masterpiece Upgrade and 1 ingredient equipment package.

- Cores that support rerolling: transaction area, white ticket, diamond ticket, endless dice. If you are missing 1 or 2 chogath or Kogmaw to get to 3 stars but core 2 shows Interrupted Connection, you should take it, it will let you get 1 copy of each Tier 1 champion. All stars will also help. If you go to Kogmaw 3 earlier, if you have 2 gold generals then take Neeko.

- Popular fighting cores: flyweight arena, encrusted gems, BOOM! Your champion deals 75% more damage over 2 seconds with each use of skills, wands, super shot, poison potion , pray for recovery, sublimation, understand your opponent, and fight together