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Carry Champion


In this squad, we will take advantage of Lux's ability to illuminate the enemy's long-range targets, along with the ability to copy EDM's moves. Other EDM generals will also imitate Lux and take pictures of the enemy. From there, it creates a vibrant EDM music party mixed with dim light and the enemy cannot avoid it anywhere.


- The advantage of this card lies in the fact that Lux's skills are copied by EDM champions and splashed all over the floor. The enemy's main force must be very lucky to be able to dodge, like Ezreal jumping for example, not even If the generals stay in position, they will only be dazzled and then lie down.

- With 1-star Lux at the beginning of the game, if you have a form and items for her, she will deft very well, so the possibility of reaching the top is relatively easy.

- EDM generals in general and Lux in particular are not hot picks so they will be easier to roll.

- Can counter the following songs: Jinx punk, Miss pho reroll, Samira country


The downside is that you're just afraid that your D button will wear out and you won't be able to use Zac as a tank, because it's the key tank in the lesson.

How to Play

- There are many forms of def at the beginning of the game. If there is a 2-star champion, just put it in defense and activate the system around it. Especially don't be too picky about superstars and try to do the best business possible by accumulating income.

- Here is a line up at level 4, easy to deploy to fight Lux EDM for your reference, including: Kennen, Nami, Taric and Gragas. Maybe it's the amazing superstar Nami or Kennel's true damage, the deft is quite good in the early stages of the game. Lux's items will be temporarily held by the bubble princess Nami. For tanks, give Taric or Kenne depending on which one gets 2 stars first.

- If you have Lux early, you can keep it and use it as soon as possible. Have her go with Nami, Taric and Gragas. Superstars can be Nami Disco, Taric the guardian or Gragas the fighter, they are so delicious.

If Nami is 2 stars, you can install it for her, otherwise you can install it straight for Lux. Her early game damage is relatively large, which will create conditions for you to keep blood.

- Usually you will upgrade to 6 in round 3.2. At this time, if you have winstreak, you should choose cores that can increase the strength of the squad, not greedy for economic cores like a tycoon. Second, don't hesitate to spend a few coins to roll and update your squad in the form.

You can sell the cheap superstar from before to roll, because at this level, you already have the opportunity to own a 3-gold superstar and that could be Lux.

The card form at level 6 will be: Kennen, Nami, Taric, Gragas, Jax and Lux. In case you are losing, try to endure a few more turns. Leave it at home for about 3.5 and upgrade to 7, then roll it all at once.

- Remember to use the extra gold to capture the necessary generals in the main form to easily rotate the cards. We will slowroll at 7 to earn ourselves Lux 3 with the following frame: Nami, Gragas, Jax, Lux, Twisted Fate, Zac and Zed

- Remember to check the house to see if there is anyone competing for Lux. If so, you should aim for 8 and turn to play TF or Ahri. If not, just slowroll Lux 3, upgrade to 8 and click excellent 4 to complete the formation. That's the end of the deployment. Now let's take a look at the optimal way to arrange cards.


- If Pandora's Box appears in 2.1, you can always use it to draw beautiful things.

- The Super Hero Bag will help you reach Lux 3 more easily.

- Suitable fighting cores: Gem Stone II, Wand, Healing Bridge II, Fusion, Potionist II.

- There is 1 core dedicated to excellent champions, which is Vibrant Excellence, which helps the damage over time effect from your excellent champion last for 2 seconds and deal 100% more damage.

-Most especially the core of EDM. Extremely Hot: After the first recording, EDM champions will record 30% more often. At this time, you don't need to install mana recovery items for Lux, you can play full damage to your liking.