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- Let's talk a little bit about the clan that this girl has on her body, magicians are very familiar to you, Thanh Hoa Porcelain will help generals become excited after using skills, greatly increasing attack speed and Reduces damage taken for 4 seconds.

- Lux's skill will throw a key of light at the farthest enemy, dealing damage to enemies on the way and stunning the first 2 enemies for 1.5 seconds. Thanks to its extremely annoying skill set, lux becomes an extremely effective anti-meta card, being able to assassinate behind carries like kaisa or ashe easily while still being able to hold off the cards. Short arms like volibear or yone.

- With this gameplay, you will have an abundant amount of magical power from 4 mages, reroll both amumu and 3-star illaoi, combined with active guards will help your tank become extremely strong. inferior to other 4-money tankers. Porcelain Thanh Hoa will help lux have more attack speed, thereby making moves much faster as well as helping amumu become more sturdy with the ability to reduce damage taken. Zoe will play the role of a secondary carry in the brother squad when she can finish off enemies whose health is weakened by lux due to her star inversion.

- At 7, you will clip the syndra to complete the 6 mage mark. At 8, there will be many directions for you to flex. If you are lucky enough to have liss and ashe, you will replace the field with 4 halberds of Thanh Hoa, otherwise you can use Soraka halberd celestial palace to buff the whole team or thresh halberd destiny. Syndra has a fate bonus that will also contribute a significant amount of damage to the team.

- If you get to level 9, you can replace the sett on the field, the sett carrying the enemy tank later will be extremely effective so that lux can tie up the carry behind him more easily. If you add a nautilus, you will have Give yourself 4 guards, adding strength to the resistance system above.

- Rerolling lux and 3-star amumu will help you get a safe position in the top 4, it is convenient to have 3-star zoe or illaoi, level up and add 5 more money like liss or sett, then you will be almost top 1. cannot escape your hands.


+ Because it's an anti-meta card, there won't be too many people competing for it, so it's easy to roll the full form.

+ Extremely good counter to kaisa ashe or even short-armed carries like yone or volibear.


+ Easy to counter when just avoiding the corner or equipping the carry with a mercury cape.

+ Like all other rerolls, it depends on luck. If the roll doesn't come out, there's only ff.

How to Play

- Early game

+ You should follow this lux card when you get a lot of ahri and yasuo at the beginning of the game. It is most convenient for you to def with forms ahri, yasuo, kindred and neeko. Fate bonus from yasuo, providing virtual armor will help the squad become extremely strong in the initial stages, ahri with active mage will provide stable damage output for the squad.

+ Things for lux will be held by ahri temporarily.

+ If there is no destiny, the simplest way is to put 2 mages in the bottom row and 2 fighters or guards above and it will still be stable.

+ In addition, you can also go up with the trio of historians: zyra, garen and riven. Having more support from Kayle will help you defend more easily at the beginning of the game. As you level up, you can gradually replace Zoe and then the guard on the field.

- Mid game

+ You just fast straight to 6, while leveling up, keep adding incomplete clans to the field. After reaching level 6, you will start slowroll according to the form I mentioned above. You can rest assured that you can roll, as long as you have lux 2 and a strong enough tank, this girl can carry you in the mid game.

+ Lux doesn't have too many players, nor is it too necessary in the hot card forms in the current meta, so it won't be too difficult for you to find it. If you can plate it with gold, you'll get to level 7. Add 6 mages and continue rerolling illaoi with 3-star amumu. Note that you need amumu or illaoi to be at level 3 to create a tank strong enough for lux to play the game.

+ Tank items will be given to amumu, and the remaining magic items will be given to zoe as an extra carry.

- Late game

+ At the end of the game, you just focus on arranging cards, leveling up, if there is a liss, you will take neeko's position, then click on the fate trigger set, if you reach 9, nautilus completes 4 scenes Ve or ashe with 4 Thanh Hoa ceramics will be the most suitable choice.

+ If the previous stage has rerolled Zoe to 3, then you can keep it, otherwise sell it and change clothes for Syndra to be able to support the game, because Lux will have some difficulties when confronting other systems. Tough tank, so syndra's huge single-target damage is needed to clear the tank or finish off the enemy's short-armed carry.

+ If one day of playing the game is unlucky and rolling lux is too difficult, you can level up and switch to Syndra mage or Syndra 7 destiny, the item you have already installed for lux will still be kept by Syndra temporarily. is okela.


+ Regarding upgrades, first we need to look for cores that give additional seals such as the mage badge or the Thanh Hoa porcelain badge. With the mage seal, you can always complete your cards at level 6, while the Thanh Hoa porcelain seal will help you complete milestone 4 more easily without needing to search for liss.

+ In combat, the wizard is good at fighting, giving lux more virtual armor every time he casts a move, inlaid with gems adds critical strike rate, super-technological intelligence helps lux execute moves faster, wand adds more power Magic and an additional staff are both extremely suitable cores for this girl.

+Of course you can't ignore the sense of overcoming matter, bringing back a doll with a huge amount of blood, or boiling points, helping the attacks of Thanh Hoa generals restore 5 energy and when boiling , their attacks will cause burns and deep wounds to the enemy.

+ Because both amumu and lux can hold adaptive helmets, they are perfectly adapted, helping champions holding this equipment to receive both effects should also be targeted by you.

+ Because you need to roll a lot of generals to 3 stars, you also need to have cores for additional clone machines like building an army or a superhero bag. 1 extremely strong core for reroll cards is 2 and 1 will help you gold plate not only lux but also illaoi or amumu extremely quickly.