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- He is back, the armored devil who knocked out Bonk Bonk in season 8 with a giant building has returned in season 9.5 with a new look. His trademark blows are still retained, now hidden in every swing of his mace, crushing those who dare to stand in the way with his Noxian army.


- This is a fairly easy game to play, easy to operate, pushes the lobby very strongly with TF or URF legends, can play based on a lot of items and still be at the top stably.

- Damage is very high, every piece has the ability to deal damage and early game defense is also easy with many forms


- This formation is easy to play by drawing but you need to make your own cards early. If you don't rotate and roll, it will be quite tiring because of Samira riding a dog.

- Mordekaiser is currently not an OP carry, extremely afraid of brave tanks or strong warriors because he has to attack from front to back.



- Because the fight focuses on 1 clan and requires quite standard equipment, this card is not suitable for those who like Flex very much, the first type of poro.

- In terms of ease of play, no one dares to play Tfate on Monday. With the pandora box that God of Cards provides, you will have good equipment from early on, comfortably play a series of wins or be aggressive without fear of being contested at the market. Cores 2 and 3 of TF also add quite stable equipment, but it is recommended to only choose 1, the combat core is still much more important.

- Veigar is also a playable legend, with an extremely strong golden gem inlay for this card compared to the general level, providing a lot of damage support for all champions and stability from beginning to end of the game. But please note that it is only inlaid with gold gems, the silver and diamond cores are much weaker than other cores of the same level.

- And the legend that best fits this article is none other than the URF manatee. With the ability to create powerful seals, his secret treasure is always something that you should prioritize. Just draw a butcher or Noxus seal, you can safely stop rolling at 7 and still have enough form. , even stronger with champions holding appropriate seals.

How to Play

- When it comes to real combat, the first thing we need to do before thinking about playing this card is to scout the lobby after the first 3 monster rounds. If you see that a few families also use TF, and there is also Samira, they may be trying to play dog riding cards, which will make the idea of playing Mordekaiser Noxus a bit of a disadvantage when competing for cards.

- If you don't have it, then you're comfortable. If you pick URF or can press Noxus early, lock it in right away. If you already have a bow piece, then confidently play aggressively to accumulate many points for Noxus. If you're using TF, just chill and draw, prioritize cannons first, the rest depends on whether you have a tank or 2s damage first to combine the next items.

- The best form will be Samira, Cassiopeia, Swain and Warwick at level 4, level 5 add a brave or mage, then at level 6 you can roll lightly to have a complete set of 5 Noxus, 2 brave and 2 to challenge Darius and Kata. be added.


- With a level 6 form, as long as you have Swain 2 with Samira and Cass 2 with standard items, defending or even having a long winning streak is extremely simple. Depending on the economy, you can level up to 7 at 3.5 or 4.1 to 4.2. At this point, there are 2 requirements, the first and most important is to find MordeKaiser, replace the champion holding the item, then add Qiyana to activate the item. lawless lord. Next is to roll the full 2s form. At this stage, you still haven't built a solid tank, so even without items, 5 noxus will still produce quite a large kill.

- f you get Sion during the roll phase, you can eco level up and aim for 7 Noxus, otherwise you should still stabilize at 7 - get Morde 2 and other 3-star generals.


- The first is definitely Complete Overwhelm, a core dedicated to Noxus, demonstrating the right style of aggressive attack, killing opponents at a certain percentage of health.

- Devotion is a pretty stable choice to draw the Noxus seal, just having cheap pieces is enough to get it.

- Combat options are indispensable for this article, most notably the mentioned gemstone inlay, followed by unanimous fight, recovery bridge, martyr's gift, speed boost and super tech combos.

- Winning tickets or golden tickets to roll 3 stars are not bad. Rolls at level 7 are called a lot, so you will make good use of these two.


These portals are suitable for this lesson plan:

- Finn's Market: Every match, Bilgewater Finn's Shop will randomly appear twice and provide Complete, Artifact, Support and Light items. You will get to choose one for free!

-Slum Town: Starting from round 2, the Lucky Shop will appear randomly once per round. This store will contain champions suitable for your squad.

- Killing Harbor Bridge: Get a number of free shop refreshes equal to the current number of rounds + 1 at the start of each round! They will only be valid during the round in which you receive them.

- Holy Light Shield House: Receive 1 Demacia Crown in round 2-1. If a champion wearing this item dies, you immediately lose the fight.

- Ehrenmount: Receive 3 component equipment packages at the start of the match

- Home: In rounds 4-5, receive a consumable Masterpiece Upgrade to upgrade an installed item to a Light item.

- Ornn's Forge: Randomly in rounds 2-5 or 3-5, receive 1 Artifact Equipment Pack.

- Treasure Book of Heavenly Fate: Receive 1 Book of Knowledge in rounds 3-5. Use it on a champion to open an armory containing all seals matching that champion's clan.

- Willow Forest: A spot on the queue will turn into a forest. Champions standing here will contribute their clans/attributes (except unique clans/attributes) as if they were in battle.

- Dream Lake: At the start of each round, receive 1 champion that matches your squad.

- Shurima Market: Each champion in the market round will carry 2 equipment components instead of 1.

- Mobile Desert: At the beginning of each round, the champions in the 3 rightmost boxes of the queue will be converted into random champions with the same price.

- Targon Upper World: When Health drops to 40, receive blessings from the Targon gods.

- Mountain Peak: Starting from round 3, receive 1 Small Champion Duplicator at the start of each round. Starting from round 5, get 1 Champion Duplicator instead.

- Yuumi's "Fun" Area: When you buy XP, get 2 more XP.

- Crab Swamp: PvE monsters will be replaced by Scuttler Crabs, giving additional rewards when destroyed.