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A squad is a combination of many clans and the main core is the Historian and the U Linh Morgana and Kayn, supporting this squad are the Thien Cung Noble Sages who all contributed to creating So a very strong team is likened to Mini Exodia - Exodia at a price of 4 coins. Let's find out the mechanism and how to operate this squad


_Because of playing with 4 or 5 gold carries, Mini Exodia will have superior strength compared to many other squads.

_The diverse amount of damage from many sources and many effects that this squad brings will make it somewhat difficult for opponents to counter.

_The items for the two main carry champions can be flexed


_It is necessary to maintain good eco health at the beginning of the game because this is a level 8 9 10 card

_The middle of the game is an important stage and needs at least 3 generals: Galio Kayn Morgana has 2 stars

_Doesn't have a large enough amount of single-target kill damage, so it's still a bit of a disadvantage compared to the current top meta cards

How to play

Note: We will use the support charm from Kayle to have additional effects on attacks and skills that cause 20% reduction in enemy armor/magic resistance for 4 seconds. And note that this team's main damage will be Kayn and the person supporting him behind him will be Morgana, so we should prioritize 3 items for Kayn first and then Morgana.

Early game: We will defend with 3 Historian form and any champion depending on the items we have. If it is an AP item, we can use Ahri or Janna, and if it is a bloodsucking, physical damage item, we can use Yasuo or Gnar and even Riven are quite good. In this form, we should play a winning streak so that we can get blood to top and make it easier in the later stage of rotating cards. Playing a losing streak is not bad as you can use the God of Wealth to go with the Historian in the early stages to get more gifts from the pot and keep a lot of profit then rotate the cards at level 8.

Mid-game: This is quite an important stage when we will start to form the formation here. At levels 6 and 7, we can consider using 5 Historians and passing items to Zoe to hold, or we can use the duo Soraka and Diana to gradually form form. This stage will sometimes give us 4-money champions very early so we can gradually optimize them. With Morgana's move set, we can simply understand that she creates a snowstorm around a random enemy, dealing 250/375/1600 magic damage over 3 seconds and causing the Numblight effect for 1 second (reduced by 10). % attack speed) so this girl will be very suitable for the items Devil's Book Morello or Red Talisman because of her range of moves, besides there will be mana items Blue Talisman or Spear of Shojin for her to have. You can continuously use moves to support your friend Kayn above; The last item can be any AP item, Gemstone Gloves, Angel's Staff, Rabadon's Witch Hat,... As for his companion, Kayn has a slightly more complicated set of moves: During the first cast. fairy, transforms and deals 300/450/1688 physical damage to nearby enemies. While in the transformed state, gain 30% Crit Rate and critical hits deal damage to adjacent enemies. If the spin hits only one enemy, the damage is increased by 100%; Instead, subsequent casts deal 210/315/1148  physical damage to champions in a straight line through the target. That's why the build for this guy will include an armor-generating recovery item like the Blood Sword, along with an item that has both damage and a tank like Colossal Power, and the last item will be an item that has both lifesteal. Has both damage and some critical strike rate like Hand of Justice. We can't always draw items like that, so we can build 2 Blood Swords or 2 Giant Powers depending on the amount of items we have. This squad is not only strong because of these two generals, but it is strong because of the clans that can attack it. With the milestone of 4 Sages, the front-line champions will have 30% full lifesteal, while the back-line champions will have 45 bonus magic power - this helps Kayn to be both more powerful and more dashing while also helping Morgana. There are more APs so enemies can be killed faster. With Dragon King, the whole team both receives attack speed and deals a standard amount of damage based on % of health to the entire enemy team; For Quy Nhan, it is the ability to recover, create armor for the team and finally for Thien Cung, the duo Soraka and Wukong buff the entire team's AP as well as attack speed. All of the above factors have caused the Morgana - Kayn duo to stir up excitement on tft servers. We will roll to get the form at 8, then roll 3 generals with 4 money to 2 stars and then gradually eco-money to 9.

Late game: When reaching the final levels of the game, we will complete the squad with 5-money generals, Wukong and Rakan. Wukong helps the squad have 12% more attack speed and when activating 2 heavenly palaces, that number will increase to about 14% - this helps the generals in the squad execute moves faster. Not only that, Wukong is also a super strong general with his move set. Dashing, stunning single targets and the ability to deal physical damage in a straight line of 3 cells with the board, we have nothing more to discuss. Wukong's item will be the same as Kayn's item including the Blood Sword's Giant Power. After Wukong, I will add Rakan and hitting the 3 noble mark, the amount of armor increases from 10 to 25, helping the squad become stronger. In addition, after surfing, Rakan reduces the enemy team's armor and buffs his own shield. Outside, there is Xayah standing and shooting secondary damage, causing physical damage to all enemies hit by Rakan's skills. His items will include AP tank items or Thief's Gloves. When we reach 10, we can add Thien Cung, Dragon King, or add other 5-cost generals such as: Lissandra Sett Irelia Udyr, ...


_With a Mini Exodia article, upgrades in terms of money or experience will be given top priority: Experience Promotion Towards the End Balanced Budget Hedge Fund Golden Rain Patience Learning Clear Clutter. ..

_Currently with the addition of surprises, in a match, in addition to having a lot of gold, there will be a lot more items, so we should also add more core items and this Bard squad needs to draw pretty good items. so we also need to add Pandora's Box cores, Large Storage Bag, Magic Bow, Wand, Buried Treasure, Treasure, ....

_ Regarding combat cores, this squad has some pretty good cores: Kham Bao Thach III Nhat Thong II, Obstacle Road,...

_ Especially the lineup is quite good if there are more seals: An Hien Gia An An Thien Cung,...


_ Because this is a Fast 8 lesson, cores for gold or experience will be extremely suitable:

  • Bard : All players reach level 3
  • Hwei: Depicts the shopping circle with all five-money generals
  • Irelia: The player's shop will appear with champions of each price in the next two rounds
  • Jax : Gives players a choice between turn gold and champions
  • Kha'Zix : Buy experience Costs three gold instead of four for the next three rounds or permanently
  • Morgana: Fills the shopping circle with four-cost champions/ Gives players the choice between upgrading two-cost champions or receiving 10 gold
  • Neeko : Adds a small cloner or a cloner to all champions in the market round
  • Darius: Transforms a champion standing in a special box on the field into another champion of the same value for 5 rounds /Gives players a choice between 20 experience and 10 free returns
  • Syndra: The shopping circle will now have a four-cost, two-star champion
  • Tahm Kench: Gives the player a forge equipped with ingredients or 10 gold/ Invites the player into the pond to catch fish. Everyone will receive a reward based on the number of fish he eats
  • Tristana : Gives the player a gift of gold
  • Xayah and Rakan: Rakan will perform automatic card rotation. Xayah gives players gold.
  • Yorick: Reduces store exchange price from two to 1 for the next three rounds or permanently
  • Illaoi : Gives players eight free redemptions this round

_ Some good bonuses for rolls, along with some bonuses for clones:

  • Udyr : Gives players four free returns forever
  • Cho'Gath : Gives the player two small clones and one clone.
  • Caitlyn : Gives players four free redemptions during the round
  • Amumu: The shopping circle is now full of three-money and two-star generals
  • Azir : Get six free redemptions forever

_ Because it is Exodia, there are many carry generals, so item encounters will be a reasonable choice:

  • Zyra : Select an item, Zyra grants you three copies of it
  • Yone: All champions in the shopping round have an additional piece of attack equipment
  • Wukong: All champions in the shopping round have light equipment
  • Udyr : Gives the player two pieces of component equipment based on the chosen form for five gold
  • Thresh: Champions in the market round will pawn artifacts
  • Soraka: All champions in the shopping round have an additional support item/ Let players choose between support items
  • Shen: All generals in the shopping round have an additional support item/Gives players a starting package including a general and a piece of component equipment
  • .....