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Why can Olaf become the focus in meta 14.2?

Actually, the woodcutter has been strong since version 14.1, he has a % increase in attack speed: 0.12%-> 0.15% For every 1% of health lost AD Basic buff from: 50-> 55 , the superstar effect's armor/magic resistance: increased from 10=>15 again. So now, whenever people see superstar Olaf, they automatically capture and even raise 3 stars to carry if they have good cores and items.


- Even though he only costs 1 gold, Olaf is very comprehensive. He has strong resistance from a fighter, his attack speed will be faster the more blood he loses, and he has the ability to recover without losing any money. equipment is needed. All of these things created an invulnerable god of war

- This post currently doesn't have too many players so you can spam it.


- If there are advantages, there must be disadvantages. When playing this card, you will often put Olaf alone on top so that he can receive as much damage as possible, so that the amount of health lost and replenished faster. However, when controlled, he cannot lift his hand to heal, so Olaf will be countered by controlled pieces such as Vex or Ahri.

- The next disadvantage is that Olaf will be built in the direction of many fighters, the maximum health will increase from there. However, if you have a lot of health, your opponent can use giant kill to counter it.

- Because Olaf is so delicious, many players will catch it, making it difficult for you to get to Olaf 3 soon if he doesn't contribute.

How to Play

- You will aim to play this card when at the beginning of the game you have pieces of equipment such as bows, armor and belts. Three extremely necessary items for Olaf. Or if you core one brother to create a core with extraordinary power, you can also lock in Olaf. If the woodcutter with this core can hold 3 powers, you have to say the sauce is over.

- After deciding to fight Olaf, you should not arrest any other superstar besides him. You can eco white to beat losing streaks and force elites. That way, you will not only be able to save money from the losing streak but also easily be able to pick up the desired items at the market round. In case Olaf is already a superstar, just install suitable items for him and then place him alone at the top, while all your teammates retreat to the back.

- When it comes to the kicker round, if there's still no superstar Olaf, you'll have to spend your gold quickly or you'll lose to the monster and then cook it.

- Completing the kicker turn, you will start hyperrolling at 3.1 to raise Olaf to 3 stars and start the winning streak again from there.

- After you have Olaf 3, you will try to economize gold and get to 9 as quickly as possible to add Yorick as extra dame and Sona to support Olaf.


- As mentioned above, Extraordinary Power will be the best upgrade to make Olaf super huge and he can handle it all alone.

- Combat upgrades specifically for gladiator generals in general and Olaf in particular: Too Big To Fall

- Pandora's box to draw textbooks for Olaf

- Fighting Nhu Tu will be suitable for 3-star main forces with a lot of health and Olaf is one of them.

- Because Olaf is also a member of the band Pentakill, using the Punk Player core would be a good choice.