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Carry Champion


This squad focuses on the ability of mages to attack the terrible magic, the standard form includes: 6 mages: Ahri - Lux - Neeko - Illaoi - Syndra - Lissandra,

In the remaining slots, we use Sett to get 2 guards with 3 Fate, then sandwich Amumu and Nautilus to have 4 guards at level 9. Finally, if we reach 10 cta, we will add Hwei to activate the myth, and that's the end of it. Make good use of the amount of Ap that the mages bring. You can also play in the form of 4 mages 5 destiny v: Ahri - Kindred - Thresh - Syndra - Sett - Lissandra - Illaoi, then sandwich Ornn to get the satyr and Giant. .

This form will always round at 8 and have more resistance from Thresh and Ornn, but lacks a bit of kill so it needs items for other carries as well. Kill will be handled by Syndra and the monks, she plays marbles. Has the ability to stack single targets very well, but will need to cast a few times first to shoot more balls. To be able to protect you and other magicians - we have strong guards, among them 2 3-gold generals, Illaoi and Amumu, buy the best time, amumu can reduce damage thanks to Thanh Hoa porcelain, and myself Illaoi is also a mage, so her skills can create more shields and heal more.

Besides Syndra, another particularly important piece is Lissandra. With her "Let her cook" skill, she can easily seal rushing enemy tankers or fighters. If they are not defeated, they will also be defeated. Throw it somewhere further away, ensuring the safety of the following team. For example, if Galio absorbs Syndra's damage, she will deal with it by throwing it somewhere else, while Kayn or Yone rushing in will be trapped in the tank for 3 seconds and get damage in the blink of an eye. So why tank with a guard? Is it some other clan? Because the squad has up to 6 magicians and 4 of them have the ability to deal huge damage, the fight will usually happen very quickly, so we can take full advantage of the ability to reduce damage by 15% in the first 10 seconds of the attack. Canh Ve, if after 10-15 seconds of fighting the enemy has not been cleared, it is very easy to counterattack and fall into a difficult position. In addition, if you have a fixed fate, you can also aim for 7 fates, keeping the form with 5 fate above and replace Ornn with Yasuo, the tank will still be enough if there are items for illaoi, at this time you can choose to connect Syndra and Ahri, you will get 30% kill damage and 90 AP, making up for the shortfall from level 6 magician.


Starting with the usual advantages, this is a very easy-to-play squad with a fixed form, strong in the early and mid-game because there are champions spread out at all costs, especially being able to hold good items.

Can deal quick damage to houses with thin tanks. When full, it has the ability to deal damage straight to the back line very well with Lux, Lissandra and Sett. If the enemy carry has little health and no recovery, it is extremely volatile.


- Regarding the disadvantages, first of all, this squad has a fairly thin tank array. If you don't have standard items and a nice core to clear the enemy quickly, up to 8 or 9 parts will be overturned and go cooking. Lissandra and Sett are two extremely good champions. extremely important

- If not, there will be no way to handle the enemy's heavy tankers, so you must have a good eco plan to reach level 8 - 9 to capture these two troops.

How to Deploy

- Early game

When it comes to squad deployment, you should play when you have a lot of masters like Ahri, Lux at the beginning of the game and can lock in an early mana item like blue buff or Shojin.

The strongest form to defend early in the game is: Ahri - Yasuo - Neeko - Malphite - Thresh. Click on 2 mages, 2 celestials, 2 giants and 3 fates, I will connect Ahri and Thresh, helping the jailer create more shields and throw lanterns more painfully.

Ahri can deal a lot of damage in the early game when she has Ps and Fate, and also has many champions so she can keep a lot of health, so the next goal is to focus on accumulating money to be able to quickly get 8 champions. 4 - 5v force soon. At those previous levels, if possible, we will stick with high power, but if not, just stick with mages, they are all effective, not slave type. Lux has control in the early game, Zoe can take damage quite well, Illaoi's tank is too good, there's no need to talk about it.

- Mid game

The middle of the game will be a bit turbulent when the players have stronger tanks and damage. If you already have Mana items, prioritize picking up tank items in this phase. The master has given you a lot of AP so don't be afraid of lacking damage. Not having a new tank item late is a problem, having a health armor/monster beast for Illaoi will help you feel more secure in saving money.

- Late game

Continue eco to get to 8 at around 4.2 or at least 4.5. If the lobby has a common house, you can go up earlier to catch Syndra. Most of the remaining pieces - except Lissandra and Sett - cost 3 or more. down so it's easy to get up in 2 seconds. Syndra 1 will still produce a virtual kill when there are 6 mages, just focus on arranging cards, avoid being hooked or hit by stray bullets.

Continue rolling at 8 to complete the form mentioned in the overview. If you don't have 2 5v cards, then use Thresh and Zoe as used from the middle of the game. After that, if you see that your card is strong compared to the lobby and has a lot of health left, you can keep the money to 9 to easily earn lissandra and Sett, as well as activate 4 full-form guards. Pay attention to whether the lobby has Syndra's enemy Galio or not - to arrange Lissandra and Sett. If Sett can't pick it up, Lissandra can still be thrown elsewhere, helping to stack the tank better.


The first is definitely always the core for the clan level, the Mage press is extremely delicious because it can help us reach level 8, extremely reaching level 6 with 125 Ap for the whole team.

Seal of destiny will be the second choice, helping us always have enough cards at level 8.

With a team that specializes in killing magic, you definitely cannot ignore Gem Stone, this will be the number one priority combat, after that we also have many options: Learn how to cast moves, wands, Explode . As for the Consciousness Over Matter core, magicians should only choose it if it is at the gate for the Mannequin or if there is a core for the mannequin before it can maximize its power.

There is a pretty good choice for this squad: Little Friends, in the team there are 3 1-2 gold pieces, and up to 4 4-5v pieces to take advantage of stats.

This is a card that needs to be leveled up early, so the cores that give experience or gold to capture champions are also very good, typically: chaos, era, knockdown, etc.

As for the equipment cores, it's not really that important because just by drawing Syndra, the tank can flex quite comfortably. But the more things you have, the healthier you are, right?

If possible, Pandora's Box will be the top choice, followed by other additional items.