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Samira often faces death with unwavering confidence, seeking a sense of adventure wherever she goes. After her home in Shurima was destroyed when she was just a child, Samira found her true destiny in Noxus, where she gradually earned a reputation as a daredevil who always took on the most dangerous missions. . Armed with a black pistol and a custom-made sword, Samira plunges into life-or-death situations, eliminating all who stand in her way with fire and terrifying skill.

This is a slowroll chess set with the two main forces being Samira and Vex, your main tanker will be Amumu.


- Most players now play according to the meta so they aim for 4 and 5 gold champions. If you choose this particular path, you won't be afraid of being contested.

- This article is too comprehensive in attack and defense, strong resistance comes from 4 guardians, additional critical damage from 4 executioners, has both physical and magical damage, and abundant control comes from Amumu and Vex. , Thresh


Like other reroll chess sets, this lesson plan will depend greatly on the number of 3-star generals you have. We will need to gild Vex, Amumu and Samira. The more 3-star children you have, the higher your odds of being in the top 1, if you don't have any children, just go 1 stride.

How to Play

- There are many forms of def at the beginning of the game. If there is a champion with 2 stars, you should put it in defense and activate the system around it. Especially don't be too picky about superstars and try to do the best business possible by accumulating income

But the piece that is easy to deft and deploy to best attack Samira in the 2-dot phase will definitely be Jinx. Because you will easily go up and deft good health with Punk, clamp Vex with Amumu then turn to standard form in the 3-dot stage.

- Normally, you will level up to 4 in round 2.1 and then level up to level 5 in round 2.5. The perfect deck at level 5 would be: Jinx, Lillia, Kennen, Pantheon, Neeko with superstar Jinx shooting. You will build a Samira item for Jinx to hold temporarily to deft through the early and mid-game stages. But note that you don't need to roll Punk's 1 gold turn at this time, it will greatly affect the economy. Only at the end of the game can you build items for Vex.

When it comes to the player round, you should sell Jinx to prepare for 3 dots to start looking for Twitch, Vex or Amumu superstars.

- Usually you will upgrade to 6 in round 3.2. At this time, if you have winstreak, you should choose cores that can increase the strength of the squad, not greedy for economic cores like tycoons, for example. Second, don't hesitate to spend a few coins to roll and update your squad in the form.

- A stable deck at level 6 will be: Jinx, Lillia, Kennen, Pantheon, Neeko and Ekko with guards and true damage. At this point, your cards are in form so you can easily suppress other houses in the lobby, so you just need to eco gold again and get to level 7. /small/Capture-1704335655.PNG

- Level 7 at 3.5 and now you will need Samira or Vex's superstar. Then slowroll this couple along with Amumu to 3 stars.


- Prioritizing fighting cores like Relay III will help add a large amount of attack speed to Samira and Vex, and Powerful Blade will make Samira's shots more painful,

- Replacement cores such as: Plus Tired Rest! Plus many stats for all allies to be healthy, a pharmacist to have the ability to heal and at the same time be able to deal standard damage if the amount of healing is superior, Duy Tam Luan will help Samira just get a boost. Damage, increased critical strike rate, but also healing. The final core combat option is the Martyr's Gift

- If you want to get 3 stars easily, you can pick the core Super Hero Bag or Build a Squad to have a clone machine.

Equipment analysis

- About Samira, the most important item for her is the Infinity Sword.

Because her passive is that critical attacks will stack style points, up to 6 stacks.

The higher the style score, the attack speed and damage of the desert pink shadow will also increase. The next item is Runaan's Furious Bow, as this item's secondary beam also has an amount of damage proportional to Samira's AD, from there we will take advantage of it to clear the enemy faster.

- The next character to pay attention to is Amumu, the core item will be the Moon God Shoulder Armor because besides increasing Amumu's tank stats, it also has a more important effect, which is to reduce Samira's armor to shoot enemy tanks. . So please arrange Amumu to always stand in front of Samira.