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It's show time Seraphine !!!!

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In this lineup, our main character will be the 2-money general Seraphine. This is almost a general that appears a lot in KDA matches, Magic Masters or even the hot Ahri guard set. Here, her position seems to only be used to stimulate the system. But this time we will use this girl to carry and support damage followed by the duo Ahri and Lulu. With the skill set, shoot a high note into the area with the most champions and affect all champions within 1 cell. Enemies suffer 140/210/315

magic damage, Allies restore 80/120/160 Health. Good damage can be restored to the tank, but the special thing is that we can turn her into a real carry by the Superstar Effect: Every 2 times using the skill, launch a High Note that deals 40% damage and restores 40% health. In fact, with just the third move, she can kill a large number of enemies thanks to her ability to deal large area damage. So let's find out how to deploy this squad!


_ The early and mid game is quite strong, and the late is not weak due to the presence of champions in the top meta such as Ahri as secondary damage or the national tanker couple Ekko and Neeko.

_ Currently it's a pretty good song but few people compete so it's easy to have a form with Seraphine early on

_ The items for all three generals, Lulu Seraphine or Ahri, are the same, so you can flex back and forth between cards


_ A pretty big drawback is that whoever uses Seraphine's moves will go in and out of places with the most enemies, so sometimes it's difficult to focus on the enemy team's main force early.

_ Because it's a reroll, if Black doesn't get Seraphine early, it's difficult to get to the top

_ It takes a lot of tears, so without it, it's difficult to deploy this squad

How to play

_Early game: With carry ap cards like that in the early game form, we will use 1 or 2 strong champions at the beginning of the game to keep items like Annie Nami. With a form of Shojin Spear and Green Fang Nashor Talisman, any of the generals mentioned above are very good to hold. Annie has been edited a bit since the item from Hard Fan is no longer the Shojin Spear, but Annie's basic power has not been edited at all and the Gemstone Gloves from Hard Fan are also extremely good in the early game so This is still a reputable card to defend in the early stages of the game. Nami is also quite good to def, but needs more factors such as accompanying cards like Gragas and Taric to trigger Disco early to be able to def. Seraphine is also quite good, but it is not always available early. In case we have a lot of Seraphine, we can consider using this champion to carry. At this stage, we should collect as many tears as possible because in the back row we need a lot of mana items, not only Seraphine but also Lulu and Ahri. While Seraphine deals damage to both the tank and the back of the opponent, Lulu ccs the opponent and Ahri will do the rest and finish off the opponent. The best early game defense form will include Annie Lillia Neeko Seraphine Kennen

The tank items we will now give to Neeko can later be exchanged for Ekko later or if we have Ekko early, we can put the tank items straight into the guy at level 5 and then clamp Seraphine at level 6 later. Still a pretty good tank combo right now Steadfast Heart + Warmog Blood Armor and comes with an item that reduces magic resistance Lightning Crossbow. If you have a Statikk Electric Knife for the back row, you can install Thorn Cloak, Dragon Claw, Stone Armor Statue, or it can also be a pretty good AP tank item, Crown of Protection, which just gives a large amount of armor at the beginning of delivery. medium war gives 35 more damage at the end of combat. So in order of item priority, we will prioritize tears and then go for armor sticks.... Not only superstar damage carries, we can use a few superstar tankers in case we have a lot of tank items early like Lillia Kennen Or if it's redder, it can be a superstar Gragas, which is also quite delicious thanks to its healing ability and strength.

_Mid-game: Basically, we will keep the chain and start the slow roll at level 6, so depending on the chain we have, we can level up appropriately. But we will always upgrade to 6 in 3.2 so that we can gradually complete the squad form and at this level 6, we have the highest chance of producing 2-gold generals as well as 2-gold superstars. This is the time to sell the original superstar for 1 def and look for the superstar Seraphine. Both superstars are good, so if we see them, we catch them. Whichever superstar we find will increase that superstar's milestone to 5 Wizards or 5 KDA early. Usually here we will add Ekko to activate 3 True Damage Guardian systems at once. Super star Wizard will use Ekko tank and KDA superstar we will use Neeko tank or simply whichever general reaches 2 first we will put tank items on that general. After having Seraphine 3, we will level up and put all the remaining AP items into Ahri. This fox girl basically only needs 1 mana item and then any AP item will be fine, but if she has the Blue Buff + Nashor's fangs will make the squad even stronger. Seraphine 3 comes with a full 2-star form, which is completely qualified for us to reach level 9-10.

_At the end of the game: At level 9 10, we will add the main 5-money, 2-star generals and the 3 most suitable generals to put here Includes: Illaoi Sona and Ziggs. Illaoi will help attack fighters with Gragas and also have 2 more tentacles, all of the above helps our team become stronger and stronger and also very strong to counter Karthus Akali when Arrange 2 tentacles at 2 corners. With Sona, it helps me increase the mage mark and with my 3 forms, it will make up for anything lacking in our squad, including damage, attack speed or shield forms as well as recovery. As for Ziggs, with the 2 Hyperpop mark, it will help the back row carries execute moves faster and with wide area moves as well as reduced resistance, this is an extremely perfect piece for this match.


  • Item upgrades: Buried Treasure I Fully Equipped Pandora's Box is a good choice in the current meta
  • Upgrades that help increase the strength of the squad are always prioritized: Gem Stone III Healing Bridge I Search for Fusion Talent and especially with this squad we have a pretty good core Increase Tempo: When using Skills The second time each fight, the Warlock will immediately use the Skill again with 50% effectiveness. Besides, it also gives us two more generals Seraphine and Gragas
  • Core rolls such as: Winning Tickets Silver Tickets Superhero Goods Bags Sweet Fruits Diamond Tickets Shoppers will help us gild the team faster
  • Upgrades that achieve a high top rate include: Collision Mannequin has more tanks as well as cc, Field Support I II III helps our squad have more tanks as well as special effects.
  • Cores that increase health or help us have more time to dash like the super tech cores Enhance Super Tech I or Sublimate Little Friends Epitaph of Inspiration are good choices for long-term fighting.