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In this version 14.6b, U Linh suddenly emerged as one of the hottest cards in the current meta and there are many variations of it. Regarding the mechanism of this clan, when dealing or receiving damage 6 times, the champion The Ghost summons 2 ghosts that curse nearby enemies and restore 2% of their maximum health every 2 seconds. The cursed champion takes additional damage for each lingering ghost, and the ghost is transmitted when they die in battle.

(2) 5% for each ghost

(4) 12% for each ghost

(6) 20% for each ghost

(8) 35% per ghost

To basically explain, this formation puts extremely strong damage on a single target and when the enemy is destroyed, that amount of ghosts is transferred to another enemy, this makes U Linh clear the floor extremely quickly. The difference compared to other formations is that when we take a certain amount of time to destroy the enemy, in the same amount of time U Linh can destroy 3 or more. In this lineup, it will be a ghostly reroll, but the main carry will be Senna because of her super large amount of damage and the ability to buff physical damage very well: Senna shoots a laser beam that penetrates the current target 2 cells, Deals physical damage to enemies hit. Grants Attack Power to Senna and allies on the left and right for 4 seconds. With this amount of damage and this passive, it has created an extremely prestigious ad wave in the U Linh reroll squad this time


_It is an extremely virtual reroll card because of Shen's unstoppable ability when he has a very long attack range and a lot of attack speed from his 2 crazy swords.

_Giant is quite strong thanks to increased Armor and Magic Resistance and basic stats.

_Giant is easy to play from the beginning with a large champion pool, low activation threshold, and high resistance.


_If you don't have the Supernatural Blade core, you can't play

_Must have at least 2 Guinsoo Rageblades so need to draw a suitable map or Pandora's Box core

_Without a 3-star Shen, it's difficult to get to the top

How to play

Note: Must have the Shen carry core to be able to play

Early game: When we get the core of the Supernatural Blade, we start building a team around this Shen guy to attack the two main clans: U Linh and Giant. But because it requires a lot of bows and Shen is not strong at the beginning of the game, priority should be given to fighting losing streaks and picking up pieces of bows and sticks to be able to quickly complete this guy's equipment. For the remaining items, we will pick up full tank items after completing 3 items for Shen because this formation will buy time for Shen to have the greatest attack speed and clear the opponent's floor.

Mid-game: This is the most important stage for rerolls because we will spend money here to have form and at the same time eco money to slow roll to gold plate the team. And the most important stage of this squad is 3.2, we will get to 6 here and start the process of updating the squad. We will roll for a form at level 6, the team includes 4 Giants and 2 U Linh. In addition to rolling Shen to 3 stars, we can roll Yorick to 3 more stars to be the main tank, so in 3.2 we will get these 2 generals to 2 stars and then we will economize money to the following levels. To explain a bit, When you have the Supernatural Blade core, your strongest Shen has +3 Attack Range and his skills deal 100% more damage. That's why we built him 2 Guinsoo's Rage Blades and 1 additional item depending on the situation such as Hextech Gun Sword for more recovery, Giant Slayer to slash enemy tanks faster or Mercury Cloak if needed. there's a lot of shock. At levels 7 or 8, we will activate additional milestones and the milestone that needs to be aimed at especially giant 6

At the end of the game: When at level 8, 9, 10, we will upgrade to 6 Giants and add a few 5-cost generals. There are a few options for this squad

_I will add Morgana and Wukong so we will have 2 Sages and 2 Heavenly Palaces to have more attack speed as well as AP for Shen.

_In another direction, we can use Azir to get a large amount of damage from the system after Azir also triggers the 2 Forest Spirit milestone with Ornn

_ In addition, we can add other multi-purpose 5-cost chess pieces such as: Sett with the ability to knock the current target, stun and deal a huge amount of physical damage based on maximum health; With Hwei, the ability to damage a wide area and also be able to duplicate champions helps us upgrade the team more easily; As for Rakan, after surfing, reducing the enemy team's armor and buffing his own shield, outside there is Xayah standing and shooting secondary damage, causing physical damage to all enemies hit by Rakan's skills.


_To play this card, you must have the Shen carry core: Supernatural Blade

_With a reroll, the upgrades we prioritize will be the upgrades on the mirror machine or rolls such as: Two For One Infinite Dice I Replenishment of Forces Superhero Item Bag Building a Combat Zone Squad Translate Diamond Ticket Silver Ticket or if you are in an emergency situation, you can absolutely take the Hellfire Deal to be able to have a large amount of gold-plated economic rolls for your team, but I do not recommend taking this core.

_Currently with the addition of encounters, in addition to having a lot of gold in a match, there will be a lot more items, so we should also add more items: Large Item Bag, Speedy Bow, Wand, Buried Treasure I Treasury of Miracles, ....

_ Regarding combat cores, this squad has a few pretty good cores: Small But Has Fly Class Arena Martial Arts will buff a large amount of attack speed for the carry; Fighting Together I The Gift of the Dead will also make the squad more powerful; Or the U Linh seals will be quite delicious if we get the U Linh landmark


_ Since this is a 3-money reroll, encounters that give us free rolls or clones will be extremely appropriate:

  • Neeko : Adds a small cloner or a cloner to all champions in the market round
  • Udyr : Gives players four free returns forever
  • Yorick: Reduces store exchange price from two to 1 for the next three rounds or permanently
  • Volibear: The market round will be full of Ba Vang
  • Jax : Gives players a choice between turn gold and champions
  • Illaoi : Gives players eight free redemptions this round
  • Darius: Transforms a champion standing in a special box on the field into another champion of the same value for 5 rounds /Gives players a choice between 20 experience and 10 free returns
  • Cho'Gath : Gives the player two small clones and one clone.
  • Caitlyn : Gives players four free redemptions during the round
  • Amumu: The shopping circle is now full of three-money and two-star generals
  • Azir : Get six free redemptions forever

_ A few other encounters are also quite suitable for this squad:

  • Garen: In the next three rounds, all purchased champions will receive 100 health permanently
  • Teemo: Added Gold Shovel to all champions in the shopping round / Gives players one more turn to exchange for tech cores
  • Tristana : Gives the player a gift of gold
  • Zoe: Changing reality only occurs at odd levels in the game
  • Irelia: The player's shop will appear with champions of each price in the next two rounds