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There are squads that will make up for it, such as challenging - the couple Fiora and Kai'Sa, Samira walking the dog or being illegal. They will use huge amounts of damage or superior attack speed to clear the opponent, not allowing the opponent's carry to react. But on the contrary, there are also squads that play to buy time and rush. In last season, a typical example would be the brave Kayle or Aphelios and then draw a lot of crazy swords for both of them. In season 9.5, we will There is an extremely annoying Cho'Gath carry reroll set with super strong resistance from this void monster. But that's a fighter, why don't we continue to use bravery, with the newly added courageous champion Neeko, who can not only withstand pressure with the created virtual armor, but also deal damage. anymore. Our job is to find the long-armed general who stands behind and causes damage and buffs to brave players, and the name chosen is none other than the godfather Silco.


- Able to deal large area damage, is the team's mobile ambulance, and is a good father when raising jinx, that's all Silco possesses to become one of the best. The strongest 4-money champion of season 9.5

- Silco has the ability to flex well with any squad if your equipment is not suitable for fighting magicians, such as the azir strategist or jinx sniper squad.


- Because he is a general with extremely good flex ability with many cards, it is inevitable that people will fight over him, but if you don't roll the 4 pre-carry card, it is very easy to cook.

- I'm quite afraid of teams splitting up like social distancing because that doesn't take full advantage of Silco's full potential.


- Veigar will be a top priority as this legendary offers two decent fighting upgrades. First, inlaid with gems will help Silco not worry about lacking damage because it already has magic crits, considered Silco 4 items. Core 3 is sublimation, which will be extremely good for long-fighting squads like courage. With 6 courage, the fighting time will definitely last more than 15 seconds and at that time, the strength of the squad will increase. to another position.

- The next legend you should choose is URF so you can look for delicious seals like this seal of courage, targon seal, witch seal, then you can remove courage and add Ahri and play. 4 witches, or too poor, take the Zaun seal.

- Ornn or Ezreal are very familiar choices in this meta. These two legends will help you breathe easier in the early and mid-game with the items provided.

- With Ornn items, you can get the following items for Silco: Holy Sword Manazane, Bipolar Zhonya, Alchemy Staff, Skull Amulet. Shen or Taric can hold tank items such as Eternal Winter, Super Spiritual Armor, @Giap Dai Khan

- As for Ezreal, please note, core 2 and core 3, so flexing other cores will be better instead of choosing Ezreal's given core. You should only choose core 1 to get optimal items and hit winstreak

- And finally, if you are a flexible player with the ability to flex, then pick Poro right away because after all, choosing 6 cores is better than 5, right, you will have a chance. Guilds possess more diverse fighting cores.

How to Play

- At the beginning of the game, if you have a general and full items, you can just def health as usual, and attack with the 2-star generals you have. The best starting frames would be Milio, Cassiopeia, Renekton and Cho'Gath.


- Tank items will be placed on Cho'Gath or Renekton, whichever is two stars first, preferably Cho'Gath so that it can be strong enough to bite the opponent and suck some more health, damage items will be given to one of the two. General in the back.

- After reaching level 5, you add Nekko to activate Ixtal and put the appropriate champion in the element box. If it's a wood box, then you definitely have to put Neeko in and start accumulating a lot of health to fight in the late game.


- At level 6 in 3.1 or 3.2, just add Taric to be brave, Soraka will replace Cassiopeia, activate Targon. If Soraka contributes, she can keep and raise 3 stars to help her godfather, and don't forget to keep cheap courageous pieces like Poppy or Kassadin if it doesn't affect the income.

- Up 7 at stage 3.5 to 4.1 depending on your economy and blood amount. For now, get rid of the fighter and switch to pure courage with the following line up: Milio, Poppy, Kassadin, Soraka, Neeko, Taric and Silco. If Shen is there, leave Poppy alone. Then after that, you guys just turned 8 to complete the framework I gave at the beginning of the video.


- Suitable fighting cores: Void Step - if you get the kasadin carry core from the beginning, you can reroll Kassadin to 3 stars and then use it with Soraka 3 and feed the lobby. The next core dedicated to courage is Morning Light. When fighting Targon, you definitely cannot ignore Blessings of the Stars. Poisoner II will be an upgrade that takes advantage of Targon extremely well.

- Besides, there are also common fighting cores such as: gem inlay, sublimation, wand, pathogen.

- Upgrades to keep blood at the beginning of the game: buried treasure, mythical forge

- And don't forget upgrades that increase bravery milestones such as Heart of Courage, Badge of Courage, Crown of Courage, Library Card, Secret Archives II


These portals are suitable for this lesson plan:

- Finn's Market: Every match, Bilgewater Finn's Shop will randomly appear twice and provide Complete, Artifact, Support and Light items. You will get to choose one for free!

-Slum Town: Starting from round 2, the Lucky Shop will appear randomly once per round. This store will contain champions suitable for your squad.

- Killing Harbor Bridge: Get a number of free shop refreshes equal to the current number of rounds + 1 at the start of each round! They will only be valid during the round in which you receive them.

- Holy Light Shield House: Receive 1 Demacia Crown in round 2-1. If a champion wearing this item dies, you immediately lose the fight.

- Ehrenmount: Receive 3 component equipment packages at the start of the match

- Home: In rounds 4-5, receive a consumable Masterpiece Upgrade to upgrade an installed item to a Light item.

- Ornn's Forge: Randomly in rounds 2-5 or 3-5, receive 1 Artifact Equipment Pack.

- Treasure Book of Heavenly Fate: Receive 1 Book of Knowledge in rounds 3-5. Use it on a champion to open an armory containing all seals matching that champion's clan.

- Willow Forest: A spot on the queue will turn into a forest. Champions standing here will contribute their clans/attributes (except unique clans/attributes) as if they were in battle.

- Dream Lake: At the start of each round, receive 1 champion that matches your squad.

- Shurima Market: Each champion in the market round will carry 2 equipment components instead of 1.

- Mobile Desert: At the beginning of each round, the champions in the 3 rightmost boxes of the queue will be converted into random champions with the same price.

- Targon Upper World: When Health drops to 40, receive blessings from the Targon gods.

- Mountain Peak: Starting from round 3, receive 1 Small Champion Duplicator at the start of each round. Starting from round 5, get 1 Champion Duplicator instead.

- Yuumi's "Fun" Area: When you buy XP, get 2 more XP.

- Crab Swamp: PvE monsters will be replaced by Scuttler Crabs, giving additional rewards when destroyed.