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This is a lineup consisting of all the top versatile chess pieces of season 11. The standard card form of this lineup includes: Riven - Zyra - Soraka - Diana - Galio - Morgana - Rakan and Wukong. This team will attack almost the entire clan, including: 4 Sages - 3 Noble Men - 3 Historians - 2 Dragon Kings - 2 Thien Cung and 2 Gladiators. 4 Sages will increase AP for the pieces in the lower 2 rows and Lifesteal for the pieces in the 2 upper rows. Because activating milestone 4 in standard form will give up to 45 AP and 30% lifesteal, a zero not small at all. 3 Noblemen will increase armor and magic resistance, although not too much, but it is a buff for the whole team so it is still acceptable with 25 armor and magic resistance at level 3. 3 Historians will summon more kayle to assist in combat, Kayle on the first roll will always provide good support for the team regardless of color, and she also contributes a bit of good damage in the early and mid game. There is no need to discuss the milestone of 2 fighters increasing their health, but 2 dragon kings will deal true damage and grant attack speed to the whole team after 8 seconds, Thien Cung and Wukong will also give 12% more attack speed, soraka 10 Ap. Although it looks extremely competitive with 4-5 gold pieces making up the majority, the main force of this squad lies in the 2 3-gold pieces, Soraka and Diana, and both will definitely need to be 3 stars to win. I can carry the team.


- This squad has an extremely terrible recovery ability. Once they have enough form and reach Soraka and Diana 3, they won't be afraid of any team.

- The next advantage is that the early game form is easy to build when you only need a historian, and the equipment can be combined to defend because there are two main forces, Soraka and Diana.


- The tank isn't too good if you don't get to level 9 to add Rakan.

- Rotating the squad in the middle of the game will be the most difficult because it requires a lot of money and requires good eco skills from the player. The next disadvantage is that if level 3 is too slow compared to the lobby's advancement ability, then you won't be able to catch Rakan and Wukong as well.

- The squad is a combination of a series of slaves, so many families will covet those pieces, and getting all 3 or even 2 stars will be quite difficult.

How to Deploy

- Early game

+ This squad has many high-cost pieces so it's difficult to close it right from the beginning of the match. We will only think about releasing a lot of AP items from the beginning of the game and having a card form to eco early and def with as much health as possible. . The appropriate form that can make good use of equipment and is easiest to rotate for this squad is:

+ Historian, revolves around 4 pieces: Sivir - Garen - Zyra - Riven attack 3 historians, then we add Gladiators and guards, add tanks, AP items we let Zyra hold temporarily to defend, later we have Soraka and If the card form is better, it will be exchanged for Tinh Nu. This form is not only cheap but also extremely strong because it has Kayle to assist in combat, and it is also very easy to rotate cards because Zyra and Riven are available.

+ Format also helps us close the cards by having Soraka and equipment early, because Thien Cung is very easy to activate and the 2-gold Riven to activate nobles is also easy to find, so we can defend well without needing to get 2 stars. Diana coming out early with equipment is also a reasonable choice because she can attack with two 2-gold pieces, Zyra and Janna.

+ Kayle in this squad we prioritize 2 rolls to increase AP and attack speed. If there is a strong Morgana house in the lobby, you can put Kayle on the top row to buff Diana and Rakan. If not, put it below for Soraka. fine. I haven't gotten to the equipment part yet, but to say a little in advance, Soraka must have Shojin to take advantage of the attack speed that the Dragon King and Wukong bring and the Sage also gives a lot of AP, so holding the red scroll to increase attack speed will be better nearby. as in all cases.

- Mid game

After gradually entering the mid-game phase in round 3.2, at this time the houses have gradually updated and have very sturdy tanks, it is likely that we will be punched quite painfully because we cannot update the form enough. If you do a good job of eco-money as outlined above and have a lot of pairs, you can roll at 6 to earn 2 stars. Otherwise, be stubborn and roll up to 7 to get the card form: Riven - Zyra - Soraka - Diana - Galio, the remaining 2 slots It should be Wukong and Rakan, but having both of these pieces at 7 is too evil so we will temporarily use Neeko and Janna to activate the system. From here, gradually stabilize the card form to reroll for Diana 3 and Soraka 3. During this process, if you "accidentally" catch Wukong or Rakan, you can think about leveling up to make your grip stronger.

- End of game

Prioritize Soraka to 3 stars to have enough damage for the team. If you have a lot of Diana, you can mortar a few more rounds to get to 3 stars. She is very strong in confronting many close combat enemies at the same time. If Soraka doesn't contribute, she only needs 2 stars and accumulates money to level up to turn to Rakan carry, she will need the remaining pieces in the team to be strong because Rakan's damage is only average when she has 1 star left. When reaching level 9, the remaining slot has many options, priority is given to 5 gold with high versatility such as Hwei, Sett and Udyr, or you can add Dragon King to increase attack speed for the team, Cao Cuong buffs all damage. team.


+ Coming to the core upgrade for the team: first we will prioritize the cores with additional clan - system landmarks, the best will be the Sage, then the dragon king, noble people, and finally the celestial palace because the seal only gives 3%. bloodsucking.

+ This squad has a very strong recovery ability thanks to the Gentleman and the Sage, so it will be necessary to prioritize strong combat cores with the ability to increase damage such as: Kham Bao Thach, Thang Hoa, Know Your Opponent, or Nhat Thong just made a comeback this season, activating 6 clans - systems so he will gain 15% AD and 15 AP for the whole team.

+ Because you will need carry items for Soraka - Diana and Galio, you should not ignore cores for equipment such as: Stimulants, Buried Treasure, Large Item Bag, Full equipment.