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The historian is the summoning clan in season 11. Not as majestic as the cultist in season 4.5 or as fierce as the GREAT BOSS BARON NASHOR in season 9. But the historian gives us a Kayle with wings burning with divine fire. with many versatile effects for you to choose from, suitable for your strategy. At level 3 Kayle will play a support role. Often we will see players choosing green at the beginning of the game to reduce armor and magic resistance, and save on items like lightning crossbows and shoulder armor. If you have optimized these items, your Kayle can choose blue or red. Blue, which provides AP, is the least chosen, but for example, if your champion already has an attack speed item like a crazy sword, we will ignore red and choose blue. If you intend to hit milestone 7, Kayle will often choose full red or green, red, red to reach milestone 5. If at milestone 3, you choose green or have resources to help increase attack speed such as cards. zeke storm, the relay core that increases attack speed will now choose blue - Kayle's ability deals damage in a wider range, from which more enemies will be torn apart and dismembered.

And if Kayle is blue and red in the previous selection, continue to buff Kayle's strength with a red effect so that her attacks increase Kayle's cumulative attack speed by 6% When reaching level 7, please recommend red for Kayle. Deals 10% more damage. Attacks now have a radius of 1 cell around the target. As for the green effect, it's a bit obvious because historians will often tend to clip the back damage more than the front one, and revival will often need to be used for melee champions who devote themselves to combat. So if you hit level 7 and you use Garen as a carry core, Wukong or extra dame, you can consider it.

In this squad, you will fight with 3-star Garen, better add 3-star Sivir to take the damage before activating all 7 historians. After reaching 7 historians, Kayle will take on the main damage in this deck. Usually you will close the Reroll when you upgrade Garen's Super Hero: Legendary Hero - Get 1 2-star Garen. Garen's strongest Skill now grants maximum Health stacks instead of Shield. If he has more Health than his target, his Skills will deal 40% more true damage. With this deck, you will reach the 7 historian milestone for Kayle to reach the required strength of a carry. in the lineup.

Besides, with Illaoi we can also activate basic systems such as guards and fighters to strengthen the defense. 2 wizards, although not too mutant, are better than nothing, they will add some magic power stats to the whole team. The main force alongside Kayle will be Sivir 3, so of course there will be a marksman to give her extra damage, helping to clear your team faster.

If you have the Historian seal and don't have Irelia at the moment, you can clip Morgana in to both activate the Ghost and have the Sage buff Kayle's strength, and Kai'sa will buff Sivir. This is also will be 2 reputable sources of secondary damage during the process of leveling up to 9. When you reach level 9, you can put any 5 coins you have. Wukong will be the top priority because of the Sage's attack, Rakan's lover's attack, and the remaining damage will be switched to Xayah, standing in line below the damage burden with Kayle and Sivir. If you have a press, in addition to adding Irelia, you can remove Zoe and clamp the Lissandra Cotton Vase to cause mutations.


- Multiple sources of damage.

- Easy to play, easy to beat top 4. Because in the early stages of the game, you deft well, you can play reroll or level up if you want.

- Easily flex with chess pieces of other clans. As our historians mentioned in the overview video, Sivir and Kai'sa both have archers, Garen and Jax both have guards, and Aatrox and Galio both have Fighters. It's as simple as that, but we already have form 3 wearing pictures of 3 historians and comprehensive craftsmen


- With the Kayle carry 7 historian set, grouping Kayle with long-armed generals like Sivir and Irelia will lead to them being controlled or having wide-area moves continuously in their mouths, the most common example being water. Nautilus torpedo.

- Each way of playing has a certain risk, so this game is often called dignity chess. Roll Garen 3, for example, get cheated with 8; As for leveling up, the deft level has good health, if you upgrade to release gold but don't get a champion, it's also zero. So nothing is absolute, only relative.

- In addition, this is a chess set trusted by many high-ranking players, so as mentioned, it is difficult for you to not roll out.

How to Play


- Early game

The first is a guide to deploying the Reroll deck. If you have a lot of Garen, if you see a Legendary Hero core, you can take it and kill the Historian.

Just like other lesson plans, don't level up to level 4 in round 2.1, keep the money until round 3.1 to start spending money on rolling 3-star Garen, if you have another 3-star Sivir, the better.

Use the form of 3 historians, 2 guards with Sivir, Jax, Garen and Riven to keep the best early game health possible.

- Mid game

After gilding the POWER OF DEMACIA, the mid-game is the time for you to snowball the game, pushing the blood of opponents in the lobby.

At level 5, you can add any marksman champion, the most likely will of course be Teemo, otherwise it will be Bard. At level 6, you will prioritize 5 historians, at level 7, you will add Illaoi to attack the Wizard with Zoe and the Guardian with Garen.

Entering round 4, players who are level 8 spend some money to search for Galio. If they are lucky, they will have Irelia to activate 7 Historians. No need for 2-star Galio because you guys are already tanking = Garen and Illaoi. If you don't have Irelia, you can add a gunsmith Kai'sa or Bard, or another sage Diana or Morgana to keep your health up to 9. Here you have to be flexible and keep your money as best as possible to Up to 9, you have 7 historians.

- Late game

About the late game. When you have a lot of health left, you keep the money up to 9, sandwiching all 7 Historians and Irelia to deal additional damage. If you remove the clothes, it's even better. Switch Sivir for Irelia.

Move up to 9 and complete the proposed lineup, a top match is definitely in your hands.

You can flexibly use quality 5-gold pieces to replace Xayah if she doesn't come out because she is a 2-in-1 champion and Rakan is used a lot.

Wukong can stimulate sages and plays a good secondary carry role. Udyr to rush back and punch the enemy's long-range main force, Lissandra can hack items or Hwei, a multi-purpose piece that can be clamped into any squad to heal and deal wide-area damage. If you have Set, replace illaoi to disrupt enemy combat

In case you can't keep your health, try to find 7 level 8 Historians and 2-star Galio. At this point, you should determine that this song is only a top-ranked bet, it is extremely difficult to reach 9. However, still strongly advises you to be stubborn and reach 9, do not let the drops of blood you have lost control you.

Level up

- Early game

With the second direction, if you have a historian's form and good deft items, but only stop at the 2-star mark, you should play in the level-up direction to be safer. Aim for winstreak from the beginning with the framework: Garen, Jax, Sivir and Zyra.

Your magic items should be temporarily placed on Zyra to maintain health, and damage items can be flexibly given to Sivir or a certain Archer, Teemo for example. Zyra and Teemo are some of the champions that keep extremely good health in the early stages of the game.

- Mid game

In the middle of the game, you can start sandwiching two dragon kings into your squad because Janna and Diana are not too expensive.

Not only the dragon king, but Diana also has a connection with Zyra through the sage system, helping the brothers' battle to unfold smoothly. Suggesting a strong framework for you in the middle of the game is as follows: Neeko, Janna, Riven, Zyra, Diana, Soraka and Galio

- Late game

Depending on your economy, you can level up to 8 in 4.2 or 4.3 and then spend money to update your squad. Search for Morgana with Kayn to combine with the frame of 3 historians: Riven, Galio, Zyra and the dragon king generals.

Suggested lineups at level 8 include: Zyra, Riven, Soraka, Diana, Kayn or Leesin, Morgana, Galio, Wukong or Rakan. This framework will activate 3 historians, have Galio as a hard-resistant fighter, flex additional dragon king generals to add attack speed to the whole team, and buff damage to dragon king generals. 2 ghosts are enough for Morgana and Kayn to exert their power, in fact, the dragon king and the sage already have to carry it all. The Sage gives the generals the two back rows of AP and the two front rows of lifesteal, adding stats like this is extremely reasonable, Wukong, Rakan and Kayn in the front line get roulette, Morgana stands behind and drops the swamps. It's numb and uncomfortable, but there's still a lot of damage.

Let Kayn or Leesin temporarily hold Wukong's items and then you can evaluate the strength of your squad plus consider the amount of health to make a decision to go to 9, completing the CFNP squad frame outlined above. This is also the squad that Dishsoap - a veteran challenger on the North American server - spams a lot to climb rank.


Upgrades help your Kayle flourish. Adventure Calls

After every 2 kills, Kayle the Historian permanently gains 2 Ability Power and 12 Health.

If you want to get milestone 7 early and easily, of course you can't skip pressing. We can get it from the historian's coat of arms or crown.

Or you can flex with sages and dragon kings, those seals are also very good, so don't ignore the related cores.

In particular, when playing Kayle carry, you must not ignore support items such as Zeke or Cup of Strength. These 2 support items buff Kayle a lot.

If you want to level up, there is an upgrade called The Tough Road but it's very fun to play. When you have this core, you will receive 1 XP at the start of each fight. Each unique Sage starting in the middle two rows will award 1 additional XP. Get 1 Zyra. With it, you can level up super fast and also rotate cards simply because you already use the sage generals

Common fighting cores: gemstone inlay, poisoner, recovery bridge, speed bow, sublimation, and relay are also not to be missed.