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Our core will rotate the two main characters, Ezreal and Twisted Fate. From there, there are diverse sources of dame, both hand dame and magical power. When it comes to the systems that are activated to support this duo, we will first have to pay attention to Disco. Both Ezreal and Twisted Fate really need attack speed and Disco will help them supplement it. Next, the required condition to be able to deploy this article is Heartsteel. If you don't have Heartsteel before and play flex and then rotate to this form, your team's strength will be hard to match with meta cards. This lesson plan was created for the Heartsteel guild to rotate cards at level 8. when you don't have enough strength to get to level 9 and use Heartsteel's gifts to create mutations with other houses. The main tanker will definitely be Blitzcrank because it costs 4 gold and has been activated as a guard with Ksante, Bard has the role of a jack-type slave, excellent for Twisted Fate to increase its damage output, even though Jazz has been neft but this multi-generation squad is still ok to use - gives the whole team more health and damage. Ezreal has also received an important buff that allows him to gain additional attack power, which is big and big


- The most obvious advantage is that very few people play this card, so you will rarely have duplicate cards and compete for champions.

- Next is all in at level 8 and it doesn't matter if the champion has 5 gold, having it is even better but not having it is also okay.

- Use heartsteel's gifts to gain an advantage over other houses


- The mandatory condition is to have heartssteel early.

- Its strength is not too outstanding to be top 1, top 2 like Yone or other round 4 gold cards.

- There must be a mutation such as reaching level 9 and having 5 gold in the squad

How to Play

Early Game

- As mentioned above, we will need Heartsteel early in the early game.

- In the best scenario, you will capture Heartsteel superstar Ksante combined with Aphelios and begin the journey to visit thousands of obstacles.

- The early stages of the game are no longer losing as much blood as before, so you can comfortably eco gold, do the economy and fight losing streaks.

In the first 5 turns, if you have change, you can capture Lillia to activate guards for Ksante, Jinx or Senna to activate Aphelios. If you don't have enough room, just leave the Heartsteel champion on the field. At this time, you should not install defensive items yet, because we will need a losing streak, just let the enemy punch all the tanks and then feel like you can deft 1 to 2 chess, then you will install more damage items for Aphelios. .

- When it comes to the player round, if your team has too many 1 stars, you should upgrade them to 5 to make sure you don't lose to monsters.

Mid Game

- Once you pass the 3-point stage, you will be up to 6 in round 3.2. Right now, there's nothing better than giving yourself 5 heartssteel, right? So if you have 4 heartssteel and are missing any piece, you should spend some gold to roll and invest in finding the missing piece. If you don't have 5 Heartsteel, you can use guard pieces like Ekko, which will be extremely delicious, tank well, stun and trigger more true damage, which are the values he brings.

- Unlike the 2 dots, now is the time for you to optimize all the items that can be installed. Tank equipment should be installed for Ksante or any tank general with 2 stars, maybe Lilia, Ekko or Gragas, Set.

AD damage items should be placed on Aphelios, equipped with magical power, it will be suitable for Senna.

- You must also pay attention to using the extra gold coins to capture the necessary pieces in this set such as Gragas, bard and Miss pho.

- At level 7, you should not waste gold, but just stay calm and use the extra gold to upgrade to level 8.

Late Game

- Depending on the situation of money and blood, it will determine when you reach level 8. If you do the economy well enough but don't have much health, then according to the process, 4-2 will be the time when you start rotating your cards.

If you roll 8 to get Twisted Fate Superstar or Blitzcrank Disco, everything will be too easy. Just complete the form at the beginning of the video that we mentioned

- In case it is not favorable to find another superstar, you will have to improvise and flex a little.

For example, Ezreal Heartsteel can remove Ksante to use Ekko, or remove Set if rolled to Illaoi.

- If at the beginning of the game the generals come out, can install items, winstreaks of all kinds and have a lot of health, just go straight to level 9 to attack Exodia.

When fighting exodia, you just need to remember that the generals have clan-related chains, typically the following 2 combos:

First: illaoi, yorick, thresh and sett. These 4 generals will create an extremely solid front line defense system that is also very beautiful, with 2 fighters, 2 guardians and 2 super moves.

Or it could be: illaoi ,zac, zed and qiyana. Usually, you will fight like this if you roll a superstar or 2-star Qiyana and use her as the main force in close combat, having both control and damage and being able to steal equipment for teammates.

- The last case is that you have stabilized the standard card form at level 8. But if you are not strong enough to compete for top 1 or top 2, you will be forced to upgrade to level 9 and update the team with 5 more gold.


Choosing upgrades is also extremely important for the game to develop its strength

- In the first core selection rounds, if you have beaten Heartsteel, you need to have upgrades that help increase the blood of the summoned beast such as giantization, mini giantization, and risking your life.

Or experience promotions, clutter, and ventilation are also very delicious so you can level up quickly

- The squad needs a lot of items, that's why additional cores are necessary. Such as: buried treasure, mythical forge, stimulant, fully equipped, you just need to divide 2 items for each child.

- For fighting cores, we should use gem inlays, vampires, speedy bows, little friends, inspirational epitaphs, super technological enhancements