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In the early metas of the season, there will always be a lot of reroll cards appearing and dominating the meta, and the Kindred and Gnar carry decks are one of them. Brief explanation of the Satyr clan: The Satyr General has increased Magic Power and 100 Health. Each defeated enemy will grant more Health to the Forest Spirit.

(2) +10 AP and 4 Health for each enemy killed

(4) +20 AP and 8 Health per enemy killed

(6) +40 AP and 12 Health per enemy killed

With this mechanism, this is a reroll squad capable of advancing closer to the end of the game when for each enemy destroyed, the Forest Spirit generals gain additional health. So let's see how we will deploy this match


_It's a reroll card so the mid game is extremely strong and the accompanying races are also extremely annoying to support this game.

_Currently one of the strongest rerolls

_Can flex to Azir the Forest God


_Easy to compete for cards, so only play when you're alone

_Need to keep good eco money health because quite a lot of generals need to be 3 stars

_Must have a lot of items for both carries, Gnar and Kindred

How to play

Note: Because this is a reroll match, it requires a lot of resources as we use 2 carries at the same time, Kindred and Gnar, and need to have an early winning streak to farm a lot of kills in the early and mid game so that we can win at the end of the game. can stand

Early game: These are 2 generals with 2 carry money so it's easy to get them early. If not, we can use the Ahri Yasuo duo when we let Ahri pawn Kindred's pawn and Yasuo pawn Gnar's pawn. The ap items that Kindred uses will include the Green Talisman and other ap items: Giant Slayer Gem Gloves Rabadon's Witch Hat Angel's Scepter Sword Hextech Gun, and for Gnar it will be the Blood Sword of Giant Power Hand of Justice. .. Kindred Dashes away from the current target, dealing 115/175/260  magic damage to that target and 65/100/155  magic damage to the nearest enemy.; As for Gnar, he throws a rock at the current target, dealing 186/279/432 physical damage to targets in a straight line, and gives himself a passive of receiving 2% Attack Power when attacking or being attacked. attack, max 50 stacks. Looking at this skill set, we can see that Kindred will be the poker and Gnar will have the role of clear to finish off the opponent. The early game form will mainly revolve around these two generals, so it will usually be 2 Grim Reapers and 2 Guards

Mid-game: This is the most important stage for rerolls because we will spend money here to have form and at the same time eco money to slow roll to gold plate the team. And the most important stage of this squad is 3.2, we will get to 6 here and start the process of updating the squad. We will roll for this form at level 6, the squad includes 2 main Forest God generals and can add Rek'Sai if we have the Forest Spirit seal or have Ornn early, 2 Death Gods and 2 Guards. We will roll until we have about 20 coins left or until we have Kindred 2 and Gnar 2 and then save the money back. The 2 secondary carry generals at stage 7 and 8 can use Kayn and Yone with items for short-armed carry such as the Blood Sword of Giant Power, Hand of Justice, Cloak of Darkness,... Because of stacking. There are quite a lot of items for the two generals mentioned above, so we only need to add items for an extra carry, Kayn, or later, AP items for Azir. The tank items we will let Ornn main tank, the secondary tank is Sylas Rek'Sai, the tank items will include: Beast Statue Stone Armor Blood Armor Warmog Thorny Cloak Dragon Claw. We will eco roll until we get 3-star Kindred and Gnar then eco-roll money to the next levels

Late game: When at level 8, 9, 10, we will upgrade to 6 Forest Spirits or add 5-cost generals. We will have a few options as follows:

_ We will play 6 Forest Gods with 4 Death Gods sandwiched with Wukong generals to attack the heavenly palace with Kha'Zix or add Udyr to have giants with Ornn depending on the amount of items we have and the current game position. Azir's items will be full magic items plus 1 mana item. At this milestone of 6 Forest Spirits, Azir is truly a monster, dealing a lot of damage and accidentally becoming the 3rd main carry of this team.

_ In addition, we can add other multi-purpose 5-cost chess pieces such as: Sett with the ability to knock the current target, stun and deal a huge amount of physical damage based on maximum health; With Hwei, the ability to damage a wide area and also be able to duplicate champions helps us upgrade the team more easily; As for Rakan, after surfing, reducing the enemy team's armor and buffing his own shield, outside there is Xayah standing and shooting secondary damage, causing physical damage to all enemies hit by Rakan's skills.


_With a reroll, the upgrades we prioritize will be the upgrades on the mirror machine or rolls such as: Two For One Infinite Dice I Replenishment of Forces Superhero Item Bag Building a Combat Zone Squad Translate Diamond Ticket Silver Ticket or if you are in an emergency situation, you can absolutely take the Hellfire Deal to be able to have a large amount of gold-plated economic rolls for your team, but I do not recommend taking this core.

_Currently with the addition of encounters, in addition to having a lot of gold in a match, there will be a lot more items, so we should also add more cores.Items: Large Item Bag Magic Bow Wand Buried Treasure I Treasure, ....

_ Regarding combat cores, this squad has a few pretty good cores: Small But Has Fly Class Arena Martial Arts will buff a large amount of attack speed for the carry; Fighting Together I The Gift of the Dead will also make the squad more powerful; Or the Forest Spirit Seals and the super delicious core for this game Nurture because it will help the Forest Spirit accumulate stacks faster.


_ Since this is a 3-money reroll, encounters that give us free rolls or clones will be extremely appropriate:

  • Neeko : Adds a small cloner or a cloner to all champions in the market round
  • Udyr : Gives players four free returns forever
  • Yorick: Reduces store exchange price from two to 1 for the next three rounds or permanently
  • Volibear: The market round will be full of Ba Vang
  • Jax : Gives players a choice between turn gold and champions
  • Illaoi : Gives players eight free redemptions this round
  • Darius: Transforms a champion standing in a special box on the field into another champion of the same value for 5 rounds /Gives players a choice between 20 experience and 10 free returns
  • Cho'Gath : Gives the player two small clones and one clone.
  • Caitlyn : Gives players four free redemptions during the round
  • Amumu: The shopping circle is now full of three-money and two-star generals
  • Azir : Get six free redemptions forever

_ A few other encounters are also quite suitable for this squad:

  • Garen: In the next three rounds, all purchased champions will receive 100 health permanently
  • Teemo: Added Gold Shovel to all champions in the shopping round / Gives players one more turn to exchange for tech cores
  • Tristana : Gives the player a gift of gold
  • Zoe: Changing reality only occurs at odd levels in the game
  • Irelia: The player's shop will appear with champions of each price in the next two rounds