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Shy and shy, the deer fairy Lillia continues to participate in one more season of DTCL. Transitioning from season 10 to 11, Lillia has a huge transformation, from a 1v champion, she jumps to 4v and becomes the main force. main of myths as well as wizards. Activating systems does not need to be too cumbersome, enough systems need to be activated so that Lillia can maximize her power. 6 wizards will help wizards in particular and the team in general recover mana faster. With fast energy recovery, Lillia will cast more moves, thereby optimizing damage. The next system that is activated also supports Lillia, which is mythology. AD doesn't need much health and AP is good. My defense will be reinforced by gladiators and darkness. Gladiators give the whole team 100 health, 2 gladiators receive more according to % of maximum health. Dark will create a shield at the beginning of the round for champions standing on the moon square


- Deployment is not too difficult and is safer than rerolls.

- The skill is used continuously so the damage will be extremely high


- The tank isn't too good if you don't get to level 9 to add Rakan.

- It will be difficult for you to complete the 6 wizard milestone if the roll does not produce Azir or there is no wizard seal.

How to Deploy

- Early game

+ There are many forms of def at the beginning of the game. The start of each match is not the same. So if you have a 2s champion, you should put it in defense and activate the system around it, pay attention to balancing attack and defense, it's okela. This card is a level up game, so you have to prioritize playing to maintain health and economy, but you can't play a losing streak and then come back like reroll cards, using chess pieces with cheap and average prices.

+ The following is a perfect form for you to develop. We use the framework: Chogath, Malphite, Kogmaw, Neeko and Janna to maintain early game blood.

Activating 3 myths will help you easily rotate your cards when champions in standard form appear. The giant duo and Neeko will create a strong enough shield for Kogmaw and Janna to deal damage. Lillia you let Kogmaw hold temporarily to keep his health and you should put Kogmaw in the corner of row 3 to avoid him moving up quite stupidly.

Not only that, we can also stimulate 2 heavenly palaces with Malphite and Neeko - which will give the team additional stats such as armor, magic resistance and health. If you don't have Janna, you can flexibly use Caitlyn first to use as a sniper, she is also a very good deft champion with 100% ability to hit the target.

+ Once you have installed items for Kogmaw on the field, you should also pay attention to catching more Kogmaw in the queue so that you can later sell and exchange items for Lillia.

+ If you don't have a good position at the beginning of the game, you won't be able to get 8 rolls of Lillia. Instead, roll Janna or Alune 3s to make a mid-game comeback and then level up and add Lillia Azir as extra dame.

- Mid game

Following the process of deploying Lillia carry, in the middle of the game, you can simply activate unfinished systems or add wizards. For example, add Caitlyn to get sniper at level 6, level 7 add illaoi which has both witches and ghosts. Or it will be the Diana Zyra duo to get the dragon king and the sage

Need to thoroughly optimize the map, aiming to hit winstreak. Any food that can be stir-fried without internal contamination is optimal. Take a specific example: Lillia has a total mana of 50, so the number of times she can attack when using blue or shojin is the same. If you are on a winning streak, don't be picky, just wait for blue and don't install shojin. Although blue is a bit better because it helps cast skills faster for the first time and increases damage when defeating targets, the right thing to do is keep your health and push the opponent's health first.

- Late Game

Smooth deployment -ae will be 8 at around 4.2. But right now there won't be much gold to roll. You guys just keep leveling up and add more champions to get some good defense because this time around, everyone's cards are dumping gold to leave behind. Eco arrived after the market and 4.5 people started rolling and rotating their cards. Before that, you should prepare a standard form in the general editor to capture generals easily.

However, there is one thing to note: during the rolling process, you should also capture other generals to manage. If you don't have Sylas, you can use Galio, who is also a fighter. Or temporarily capture Leesin, Rakan or something to attack the dragon king, for example. Because Azir costs 5v, it's not easy to get the right match every time. If you have a seal, leave Kogmaw and use Hwei, it's super strong, allowing the whole team to heal and kill a wide area. Besides that, I can still draw generals

If the card has completed form 6 wizard -ae there are 2 directions, 1 is roll 4v 3s, Annie or Lillia is at 8, aiming for top 1. If you play safely, just go to 9 to pick Rakan or Lissandra. Rakan attacks the dragon king, gives great damage, combines wombo combo with Azir to clear the floor extremely quickly, creates a good tank shield, and also reduces enemy damage. Lissandra can't activate any system, but it's good to go with a wizard because it restores energy quickly, if it can hit the target, it can suck items, and if it doesn't, throwing the enemy into the crowd is not bad.

If you don't have a wizard form to advance or roll out Azir, you can improvise with the mythical gladiator form as follows: Kogmaw, Reksai, Tahmkench, Galio, Lillia, Nautilus, Sylas and Hwei. K is similar to a wizard form that tends to do more damage than defense. This form will give you 4 strong fighters in the front line. Tahmkench is both a tank and can eat enemies. However, like the wizard form in its strong condition, it requires 5v, here it is Hwei, the artist will both provide healing ability and deal large area damage so that Lilia's orbs can kill enemies more easily.


When you have a golden core and fight a wizard, you must remember energy armor. Every time the Wizard casts a move, grants the ally with the lowest Health a Shield equal to 250% of Mana cost. It will help the wizard squad supplement what they lack which is defense.

As for the diamond core, the best core will be BOOM!

Champion deals 75% more damage over 2 seconds with each cast. If your defense is a bit lax, you'll have to make up for it. Wizard with this core -dam super virtual

If you have the wizard press, it will automatically suck, the top 1 condition is already half, adding Hwei is almost the end of the game.

So cores like the wizard badge -crown are very delicious

We have the fighting core: wand, gem inlay, sublimation, battle-hardened wizard, collision dummy to strengthen defense, super-technological intelligence, poisoner, recovery bridge, unified struggle

Pandora's box for standard drawing.

If you play Janna or Alune 3, you need a diamond ticket.

If you have a mythical badge, you should play 7 myths.

Letting Go of Everything. The core to buy or sell champions is 0v. Will help save money. Use that money to roll Janna, Alune 3 or buy experience to level up to fight Lillia

This article also requires quite a lot of items, so you can also get buried treasures, Buddha's benefactors, miraculous treasures, and release hidden objects.