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Set 11 witnessed the strength of extremely formidable 2-3-money champions, proving that there were many matches using 2-3-money carries that were and are currently in the top meta of the game: noble Bard, Shen. carry, Alune Yone, Kindred Gnar,... And currently there is a card that is stirring up the meta when it has its own carry core with a very good top rate called Yorick and the core Da Hap Huyet. With his kit, Yorick drains power from the 2 nearest enemies, gaining 300/360/420 Max Health and dealing 160/240/375 magic damage to them over 3 seconds. When possessing the Bloodthirsty Core, the strongest Yorick receives 25% of his maximum Health, and deals damage equivalent to 25% of his maximum Health with Skills. This helps him become unstoppable in the early and mid-game when he possesses a large amount of health and the ability to suck blood, not only that the amount of damage he deals is extremely annoying. By having the Da Hap Blood core, we will have 1 Yorick 1 available if it is the 2.1 core selection round, and with the 3.2 core selection round, it will be a 2-star Yorick, this just helps us have the champion we need. Starting early also helps us get to 3-star Yorick faster. So let's find out how to deploy this card.


_ The amount of tank damage is stable. Carry generals with extra damage can flex items

_ The card is very strong in the early and middle stages because of Yorick's strength as well as the Giant clan

_ Almost no one competes if they don't have the Da Hap Blood core


_ Because it is a reroll card, the necessary condition is to have a 3-star Yorick otherwise it will not be easy to get out of the top

_ Because the carry champion is a short-armed champion, he is easily killed by meta shock cards such as Ashe or Syndra

_ To be at the top 1, you need quite a few factors like 1 song to help us get to the top more easily

How to play

Formation explanation: The formation uses two main clans: Dark and Giant. With Dark General, Dark General placed on the shining box will execute low health enemies:

(2) 200 Shields; 10% Execution Blood threshold

(4) 500 Shields; 18% Execution Blood threshold. More cells shine

(6) 1000 Shields; 25% Execution Blood threshold. Lights up the entire table

(9) Executed enemies have a 100% chance of dropping treasure; 60% Execution Blood threshold

If you have a lot of Dark seals, you can consider setting 6 or 9 because at this time the Dark buffs a large amount of armor as well as finishing, making Yorick both difficult to destroy and having the same amount of damage as 4-premium carries. As for the Giant, the Giant General receives additional Armor and Magic Resistance. Every time a Giant dies in battle, the nearest Giant will receive 50% bonus for 5 seconds.

(2) 25 armor + magic resistance

(4) 55 armor + magic resistance

(6) 80 armor + magic resistance

With this battle, it is almost certain that Yorick will be the last to be resurrected in the Giant group, so when each Giant general falls, the amount of magic resistance armor will slowly accumulate on Yorick's body. And this is also the main form we use, including 6 Giants and the rear support will be Alune when he is 9 and possibly Azir when activating both Forest Spirit for Ornn and Wizard for Azir.

Early game: We should only really play this card when we have the Bloodthirsty core and Yorick early on. We can play it if we have a Map Boss but it's not very optimal. Items for Yorick can be optimized early on, but you should have Atonement to optimize recovery and increase resistance. The early game formation will be to attack everything Yorick has including Giant and Dark. When we don't have Alune early, we can use Darius to temporarily attack 2 Dark and then attack Giant. Or we can completely increase the milestone of 4 Giants or 4 Dark early, but 4 Giants early will be much easier because there are 4 Giant generals with 1 2 money but on the Dark side, we need 2 generals with 3 money. Only then can you reach level 4. Tank items will be quite easy to pick up and in the early stages everyone will compete for attack pieces so we should prioritize picking up champions or picking up AP-oriented items like tears or staves. for Alune. In this early stage, if you have Yorick 2 early or have a winning streak, you should level up to level 4 or 5 early to keep the streak, try to save about 20 money before the monster round.

Mid-game: This is an extremely important stage because this is when we will spend and eco money to roll form as well as gold plate the team. Round 3.2 we will upgrade to 6 and roll to find a form for ourselves. The goal now is to roll to find yourself 4 Darkness sandwiched with a Giant or vice versa, but as long as you have 2 Yorick and 1 Alune because we still need damage from the back rig like that to be able to maintain in the mid game. This. We can roll at will to get Alune 2 soon, but remember to keep it at 20-30 coins or save 50 coins and then slow roll. Items for Alune will be the same as other AP champions, including mana items and magic damage items. Recently, Alune received a lot of buff-oriented edits, unintentionally making this card stronger and still present in current meta cards. In addition, there is also an item that is quite strong in this meta: Adaptive Helm when magic carries like to hold 2 Adaptive Helms + 1 AP item. With ability: gives champions 2 rows back 20 Magic Power restores 10 Energy every 3 seconds; This not only helps the back row carries have more mana and more AP, but combined with an AP item like Gemstone Gloves or Rabadon's Witch Hat, it will create a super strong item combo for Alune. We will roll Yorick at 6 to 3 stars, then eco to 7 and roll Alune to 3 stars. In case we play a lot of Dark landmarks, we will reroll Yone to 3 more stars, so there will be one more carry in the team that stirred up the meta in the early part of set 11. Although Yone has been nerfed a lot, Yone can still create a stable amount of damage and a surge when in front of him is the super tanky Yorick and behind him is the very strong Alune. The item for him will be the Mighty Mighty Blood Sword Hand of Justice. There are also two other carries in this deck, which will be Sylas and Sett. This duo's items can be full tanks or items like Yone. If we play in the direction of 6 Giants, we only need Yorick and Alune to have 3 remaining stars to save money to upgrade to the next level.

Late game: What to use in this phase will depend on the squad, core, or the encounters that have occurred. Usually it will be the appearance of Azir and Udyr when these two generals will be important factors in this squad. Udyr has 2 separate skills, when full health he receives 300/375/5000 Shield for 3/3/10 seconds and rams through the current target, briefly knocking up enemies hit; Grabs the nearest enemy and slams them to the ground, dealing 300/450/4800 total magic damage to them and adjacent enemies. When down to 50% health, he unleashes his inner rage, regains full Health, gains movement speed, gains 60/70/500% Attack Speed and enhances Udyr's attacks for 6/6/ The next 30 seconds, cause it to attack 4/4/6 more times and deal additional 150/225/4500 magic damage. Items for Udyr can be full tank items or items that are more geared toward short-armed carries like Blood Sword's Mighty Might. As for Azir, he can activate the Forest Wizard for this team, helping Ornn to withstand a bit more tank and the whole team restores mana per second. With your skill set, Fire an energy beam through the current target, dealing 500/750/5000 magic damage to enemies hit. Summons a Soldier adjacent to the first enemy hit with 1100/1500/8000 Health. Soldiers will not move or attack. This not only helps the team gain more damage but also has more tanks to buy time for Alune. Especially, these soldiers counter the moves of current meta generals like Kai'Sa Xayah Ashe. The item for this general will be Shojin's Spear and AP items or you can use Alune's item combo


_With a reroll, the upgrades we prioritize will be the upgrades on the mirror machine or rolls such as: Two For One Infinite Dice I Replenishment of Forces Superhero Item Bag Building a Combat Zone Squad Translate Diamond Ticket Silver Ticket or if you are in an emergency situation, you can absolutely take the Hellfire Deal to be able to have a large amount of gold-plated economic rolls for your team, but I do not recommend taking this core.

_We use this squad to fast 9 so upgrades in terms of money or experience are a reasonable choice: Experience Promotion Aiming for the End Balanced Budget Hedge Fund Golden Rain Patience Learning Messy Clear and Knock Down, Ky Nguyen, ....

_Currently with the addition of surprises, in a match, in addition to having a lot of gold, there will be a lot more items, so we should also add more core items and this Yorick squad needs to draw pretty good items. so we also need to add Pandora's Box cores, Large Item Bag, Magic Bow, Wand, Buried Treasure, Treasure, Large Item Bag, Gladiator....

_ Regarding combat cores, this squad has some pretty good cores: Kham Bao Thach III Nhat Thong II, The Obstacle Road, Sacrifice, Ascension of Poison Doctor II...

_ Especially the lineup is quite good if there are more seals: An Thien Cung An Hien Gia,...

_ More importantly, if this squad wants to be deployed, it must have the core Da Hap Huyet along with 2 pretty good options, Map Boss because this is simply the formation of the Giant Carry general so this core is very good, or the Far Away Friends core used to share power between the two generals Alune and Yorick