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Extremely ruthless and merciless, Zed is the leader of the Dark Order, an organization he created with the intention of militarizing traditional martial arts and magic in Ionia to expel the Noxian invaders. In desperation in the midst of battle, he unleashed his secret form of darkness—a powerful yet equally dangerous and easily corrupting evil magic called EDM.


- EDM, Zed, Zac and Poppy have all been heavily buffed

+ Base damage increased by 80/90/100/120% >>> 80/100/110/125%

+ Time EDM uses Jax: 8 seconds >>> 7 seconds

+ Time for EDM to use Zed: 7 seconds >>> 6 seconds

+ Zac: (HP: 1000 >>> 1100 ; Mana: 60/160 >>> 60/130)

+ Poppy: Skill damage: 240/240/500% >>> 260/260/525%

+ Zed: % Attack Damage of clone: 175/175/350% => 185/185/370%

- The next advantage of this deck that is easy to see is the extremely high squad value when there are 3 4-gold generals and 2 5-gold generals in the squad. From there, the team's strength is extremely outstanding. However, implementing it is not easy. Let's come to the next part


- The downside of this chess set is that it requires you to have a winning streak and know how to do business properly. It's not a chess set used for a comeback

How to Play

- There are many forms of def at the beginning of the game. If there is a champion with 2 stars, you should put it in defense and activate the system around it. Especially don't be too picky about superstars and try to do the best business possible by accumulating income.

- In order for you to be able to play winstreak and maintain good health, you should start with melee superstars to make good use of Yone's items such as Olaf, Evelynn, Vi or Yasuo, Yone's younger brother who has just been buffed. SMCK should be an impartial deft.

- The perfect deck at level 4 would be: Yasuo, Kennen, Taric and Kayle with Yasuo's strong superstar.

You will install Zed's damage item for Yasuo to hold temporarily, and the tank item for Poppy to hold later should be Kennen rather than Taric because it takes advantage of the effect of true damage and stuns for longer.

- Usually you will upgrade to 6 in round 3.2. At this time, if you have winstreak, you should choose cores that can increase the strength of the squad, not greedy for economic cores like tycoons, for example. Second, don't hesitate to spend a few coins to roll and update your squad on the form. At this point, you can sell Yasuo to look for the opportunity to have a superstar Yone, but I do not recommend it because before that, Yasuo has accumulated an amount of attack power thanks to his passive, so if he gets 3 points, he will lose it. Don't be too weak with a 2-star Yasuo. The second reason is that a 3-gold superstar at level 6 is only 25%, you shouldn't be too risky. Instead, just add two more holy pieces, Riven and Yone, to trigger 5 saints to produce chestnuts and economize the gold again. And don't forget to recapture the EDM generals if you have accumulated more than 50 gold, prepare to set them up so you can easily rotate the cards later.

- Around 4.1 or 4.2, depending on your economy, you will level up to level 8. At this point, you can sell the previous superstar, go ahead and find yourself an EDM EDM superstar or a fanatic.

The required cards will be Evelynn, Jax, Katarina, Lux, Yone, Zac, Zed and Qiyana.

Once you have the form, you will check the lobby to review the situation.

If the other houses are not too strong, you can consider going to 9

But if the lobby has exhausted all its gold, the safe option would be to roll two stars at level 8.

- Once we have Yone 3, we can think about the story of going to level 9.


- Huge power or the hand of justice are Yone's textbook items, so cores like extraordinary power or idealism will be extremely suitable

- Upgrades that add healing abilities will be great options such as recovery bridges and potions potions

- Pandora's box appears in 2.1 or 3.2, just pick it to draw items for Yone and other enthusiasts.

- Immunity to control effects with Yone is also essential, so don't ignore the silver cloak or indomitable will.