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- First, if you want to climb the rank with this squad, you must first have the Thanh Hoa Envoy Seal.

Recalling a bit about Thanh Hoa Porcelain, this clan brings the ability to reduce damage received as well as greatly increase attack speed for Thanh Hoa Porcelain champions after using the move. So why Annie Su Thanh Hoa and not other tankers like Galio Su Thanh Hoa or Nautilus Su Thanh Hoa? Currently, Annie is the strongest tanking general in the 4-gold lineup. She doesn't need to be too picky about the attack system like Gladiators or Guards. The little girl just needs to stand alone to still be a good tank. Her moves increase her maximum health. heals when dealing damage to burned enemies, reduces healing... As you can see, Annie is a very useful piece in a 4-gold tank, combined with 35% damage reduction from 4 Porcelain. Thanh Hoa, she will become an extremely strong and sturdy wall to help Ashe accumulate enough attack speed to take down the enemy.

- The formation only needs 2 main pieces, Ashe and Annie holding the Seal of Thanh Hoa, and the rest you can flex according to the formation you want. Our squad will activate 4 Envoys, 4 Wizards, 3 Myths, 2 Snipers, 2 Guards and 2 Mages. The tank array only has 3 chess pieces but is extremely sturdy with Amumu and Annie holding the Thanh Hoa ceramic seal to reduce damage, Nautilus and the epic guard also become extremely strong, thereby contributing an extremely large amount of control. big for the brother squad. With a stable resistance system, cards that deal damage over time like Lillia or Ashe will be able to demonstrate their overwhelming power. Ashe doesn't need to say much with the already famous arrows, and lilia has just been buffed in the next session. The recent version will also be extremely scary with rolling particles that cause tons of damage. By activating all 4 wizards, your squad will be able to recover energy extremely quickly, the heat-seeking mines of Nautilus, Lissandra constantly trapping the opponent in a teapot or Azir covering the entire arena with sand soldiers will cause a great deal of discomfort for the enemy on the other side of the battle line. Before having Lissandra vase, you can Instead of using Lux, when you get to 9, you will look for Lissandra, Alune with Azir and can add 5 more money like Sett or Udyr to disrupt your team's formation. You can also clip Mr. Ornn to cast more items when this lesson requires a lot of items.

- If you don't have a press but you still want to play because of a good card position, for example, you can deploy it in a form without pressing as follows: Kog'Maw - Amumu - Azir - Lillia - Annie - Ashe - Ornn -Nautilus . With this form, in return for not having 4 ceramics early on, you will have the ability to cast items from Ornn, thereby having a sturdy tank that is not inferior to the form I mentioned above. However, this is only a temporary form of defense for you in the middle of the game. To be the strongest, you still need to level up to 9 and remove Ornn, add Lissandra and Lux to attack 4.


- The advantage is of course the ability to counter Kayn and Gnar very well, two very strong melee cards in the current meta.

- When it comes to full form, this is a lineup with an extremely high top 1 rate, almost not inferior to other hot card forms in the meta.


- You need seals to be able to unleash your full power

- Extremely expensive and difficult to implement, almost all cost 4 to 5 dollars, so it requires the ability to optimize good profits from you.

How to play

- Early game

+ Before starting this article, you must first need the Thanh Hoa Envoy Seal. If you see Thanh Hoa's Porcelain seal, you can absolutely choose not to be afraid of other var houses. Simply, this card only needs to be 8 with Annie holding the main resistant Porcelain seal, then Ashe 1 is enough to shoot down the enemy. Already.

+ The strongest and easiest to deploy will of course be the mythical sniper form with Chogath, Malphite, Kogmaw, Caitlyn and Neeko. With a resistant Giant at the top and 2 Snipers behind, this is a def form that cannot be underestimated in the current meta. Most of them are 1-star generals, so it won't be too difficult for you to upgrade to 2 stars, thereby easily passing the early stages of the first game.

+ Tank items, you will give Cho'Gath, part of it is Cho'Gath can easily increase to 2, the rest is when transformed into epic, Cho'Gath in addition to being resistant will also cause a large amount of damage with its sound. Wild roar has its own deep wound effect, through which you need to accumulate items so that the void monster can live as long as possible.

+ Magic items will be held by Kog'Maw and Ashe items will of course be on Caitlyn's body. Note that kogmaw with 3 systems will be very necessary in the later stages, so if you have reached level 2, you can continue to use it to change items later.

- Mid game

+ At this stage, you need to eco money extremely well, because this game requires 4 4-money 2-star cards, which will cost you a lot of your economy.

+ At the 4-point stage, you should see if your family's economic situation is stable enough to roll up or not. Save as much money as possible. If no one plays in the lobby, even better, you can definitely roll later than other people. When you roll, just focus on two: Annie and Ashe. If you have Lillia items, add Lillia Nautilus. If there is no Annie, Ornn is a stable choice to hold the Thanh Hoa Porcelain Seal, however, because Mr. Ornn was nerfed in version 14.8b, you should still prioritize finding Annie.

- Late game

+ After having 2 important 2-star cores, you can leisurely level up to 9 and look for 5-gold pieces to help damage Ashe. Note that you should not run out of money, if you have any money, use it. Without liss or azir, this is just a normal form, not too sudden, it will be difficult to compete with hot cards in other metas. .


+ Regarding upgrades, the most important and necessary will of course be the Thanh Hoa ceramic seal, right? Having one more press will help you round out your form sooner, making it much easier to play.

+ Cores with extra money and experience also need to be prioritized such as Ha Do Van, Ky Nguyen, Golden Rain, which will help you reach level 9 more easily.

+Regarding the fighting core, there will be Best Friends II or Relay II to add attack speed, Kham Bao Thach II to add critical strike rate, Consensus Fighting II to add armor and magic resistance, with many hot systems activated, you should clearly understand. Opponent will help your team have more damage, Far Away Friends will increase the power of Ashe and Annie, or recovery cores like Sacrifice, Poisoner II or Healing Bridge IIc will help. The team of brothers became much more stubborn. Because most fights will last a long time, Thang Hoa will also be an option that you need to consider.

This is a squad that needs a lot of items, everyone needs equipment to maximize their power, so Buried Treasure II, Large Item Bag, and Gladiator will be extremely necessary for your squad. em. Even though it's been nerfed, if Boiling Point appears, you can still take it. In addition to restoring 3 energy, having burns and deep wounds will help you save 1 slot for items that reduce recovery. blood.