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Stats Annie

armor: 60
attackSpeed: 0.65
critChance: 0.25
critMultiplier: 1.40
damage: 55
hp: 850
initialMana: 70
magicResist: 60
mana: 140
range: 1


champion's skill

Get 'em, Tibbers!

Mana: 70/140

Passive: Heal 43/77/138 (scaleHealth) Health when damaging a Burning enemy.
Active: On first cast, hop on Tibbers, gaining 428/580/1913 (scaleHealth) max Health and Stunning enemies within 2 hexes for 1 seconds.
Deal 150/225/2500 (scaleAP) magic damage, Burn, and Wound enemies within 2 hexes for 8 seconds.
Burn: Deal 1% of the target's max Health as true damage every second
Wound: Reduce healing received by 33%


Augments And Tips


item imageFortune
item imageInvoker
Team Comps