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item imageFated
item imageUmbral
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Stats Sett

armor: 70
attackSpeed: 0.85
critChance: 0.25
critMultiplier: 1.40
damage: 65
hp: 1100
initialMana: 100
magicResist: 70
mana: 180
range: 1


champion's skill

Light and Shadow

Mana: 100/180

Passive: At the start of combat, squat adjacent units in the same row. Permanently gain 2% Attack Damage for each 1000 Health squatted. Gains are doubled in Hyper Roll (Net gains: 2%)
Active: Slam the current target forward, Stunning them and dealing 176/263/13164 (scaleAD) physical damage. Deal 108/162/2176 (scaleAD) plus 8/12/1000% of the target's maximum health as physical damage to enemies within 2.5 hexes.
Fated Bonus: Gain 15% Omnivamp.


Augments And Tips


item imageFated
item imageUmbral
item imageWarden
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