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Stats Yone

armor: 50
attackSpeed: 0.90
critChance: 0.25
critMultiplier: 1.40
damage: 65
hp: 800
initialMana: 0
magicResist: 50
mana: 60
range: 1


champion's skill

Fate Sealed

Mana: 0/60

Dash in spirit form to the farthest enemy within 3 Hexes for 3 seconds, dealing 107/161/256 (scaleAD) physical damage and Wounding enemies along the way for 5 seconds. While in spirit form, gain 280/340/400 (scaleAP) Shield and 75% Attack Speed. Afterwards, Yone returns to his starting position.
Each cast this combat increases his dash range by 1 Hex.
Wound: Reduce healing received by 33%


Augments And Tips


item imageUmbral
item imageReaper
Team Comps