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Yone & Alune carry tft set 11

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Let's talk a little bit about the Dark Clan that gives Yone & Alune their power: The moon illuminates the cells, creating a Shield for champions placed on them at the beginning of combat. Dark champions placed on radiant boxes will execute low-health enemies. The Dark Clan is considered a comprehensive offensive force with the ability to create shields and have a finishing effect like a pirate gun. To exploit the power of Darkness, we need the help of the 3v couple carrying the Yone Alune team. Yone with Destiny Stealer, each time Yone is cast, she will receive a shield and attack speed, and increase Yone's dash pvi by 1 cell in the next spells. As for Alune, she will drop meteors through the row with the highest total enemy Health, dealing magic damage


- This is a Tier S remedy for meta teams, tested by quite a few Challengers on PBE and has been used a lot in the official version. Yone with the ability to increase attack speed, create virtual armor to protect himself, can sweep the back line. Alune is responsible for being a reputable source of magical assassins, sometimes she even flies behind enemy lines.

- The article has too many close sources. Besides Yone, Alune, there are also Kayn or Kindred, Sett, Azir...

- If you fill your form early, you will be completely strong in the early and mid game, so it's extremely safe to keep your health to reach the top.


- Regarding the disadvantage, if you don't activate 6 Dark early, the Dark box can easily be countered. If you don't arrange carefully and leave the carry in front of you, it will be difficult for Yone to play the game.

- Yone is quite afraid of being controlled without a towel, so if she doesn't arrange it carefully, she will be constantly controlled. Another point is that the scarf cannot resist Udyr's control. It is unclear if this is a feature

- But if you encounter Udyr, stay away from it - Finally, this is a strong card that will easily be contested when it launches on the Vietnamese server, so you should be extremely careful when playing it.

How to Play

- Early game

To deploy Yone Alune properly, you must first play Yone or Alune at the beginning of the game. Just go to Yone and look at the items outside and see a bloodsucker with a bow piece, that's it

If you are a student, if you see a Badge or a Dark Crown, you can take it. Yone is a pretty strong card at the beginning of the season, has good defense, and is easy to beat in the top 1, so don't hesitate to close it right away and always let the lobby know which cards to avoid.

Prioritize health defense, Yone's items are flexible so there is no need to lose streaks to draw items. But remember, income is still extremely important. If you release Yone early, you can defend according to the form: Yorick / Yone / Khazix / Malphite, Yorick and Malphite have huge resistance in the early game, Yorick and Yone will deal damage early in the game. Every time you level up, put Dark in to stabilize the voltage.

- Mid game

In the middle of the game, you determine when to roll. If you have a pair of Yones, and the cards are full of teenagers and children, you can aggressively roll 6. Roll until Yone 2s, or roll down to 30v but can't upload, then stop, because if the roll doesn't work, then the game is cheating. The more bitterly you roll, it's like you're being played by the game, but you can't play the game.

As for the card that is really rich and has a winning streak, it can go up to 7 right away with 3.5 strong rolls up the team

Level 7 form includes 4 Dark Yorick / Yone / Alune / Sylas. If you don't have Sylas, give it to Jarvan. The next 2 will be the Kayn/Shen or Thresh/Kindred pair, clip that pair in every 2 seconds. And lastly - if you have a Dark seal, just clip it to 6 Dark, if not then clip a Wizard

- End of game

If the squad has been fully updated for 2 seconds, check the lobby again. The Yone card will be extremely hot at the beginning of the season, so the possibility of 1 lobby and 2 houses playing together is entirely possible.

If you have a lot of health, prioritize getting to level 8, grab all 6 Dark, then just chill and accumulate money. Seeing Mr. Yone quail, the company started spending money on upteam.

If you have low health, you must be able to roll Yone and Alune 3s, if not, you will only have quail and sticky rice.

In case no one plays with you, just chill chill roll for 3 seconds. As long as you can upgrade to 3s form, up to 9 clips with all clans, a high-ranking match is quite difficult to escape your hands. If you rank correctly, you can absolutely be top 1.

And that's all how to deploy Dark, now let's come to how to arrange it effectively.


- The first thing that cannot be ignored - is the ncs with the Dark Seal. The Dark Crest and Crown are indispensable in the list. Branching is also a red and black choice if you want to draw a seal. The wandering mannequin will also go on adventures, giving you a dark seal on the stake.

- Because the Dark card requires both Yone and Alune 3s, the core rolls cannot be ignored. Silver Tickets, Trading Area, Diamond Tickets, Shopaholics you can consider. Natural Evolution is also a bad choice if you want to gold plate the whole team. With these tickets, you can roll more Yorick 3s which is also fine.

- Next, fighting forces are indispensable. Dark Moon's Wrath is a special skill for darkness: Dark General deals 4% more damage per second when continuously attacking the same enemy. Reset when changing target. Get 1 Darius and 1 Yorick.

Tam Hop, which has returned to Season 11, will also be suitable for 2 3v carries in the team

Oncoming Aid and Precious Antiques will give you the opportunity to get 2 Zeke support items or a cross necklace, making Yone even stronger.

Besides, there are all-too-familiar fighting upgrades such as Gem Stone, Potionist, Recovery Bridge, Best Friends, Unanimous Fighting, etc.