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Thien Cung is a very special clan because this clan can buff the whole team with many stats depending on the number of Thien Cung generals we use. General Thien Cung grants unique stats to the entire team, gradually increasing with the number of Thien Cung generals on the table. General Thien Cung's stats are increased by 70%.

(2) 100% increase.

(3) 110% increase.

(4) 125% increase.

(5) 145% increase.

(6) 170% increase.

(7) 200% increase.

Kha'Zix -   10% critical strike

Malphite -    8 armor + magic resistance

Neeko -   10% health

Qiyana -   10% ad

Soraka -   10% ap

Wukong -   10% attack speed

Press -  Drain Whole Blood 5%

Because of this versatility, there are many lineups built from this clan and the Kayn Thien Cung lineup is one of the cards in the s-level meta even though this clan has been nerfed a bit. Previously, generals would receive all Thien Cung stats, but now those stats have been nerfed a bit, but Thien Cung generals receive 70% more stats, making this squad's strength always a counterweight when 1 extra carry Wukong becomes stronger. So let's find out how to deploy this squad.


_ Possessing many carries with many types of damage sources as well as annoying surfing from the duo Kayn - Wukong or the ability to stack cc from Lee Sin - Lissandra

_ It's a card with all 4 or 5 money carries, so it's super strong late and can compete for top 1

_ Can flex items for carries


_ Because it is an 8 9 roll card, it needs to eco money as well as maintain good early game health

_ Kayn Wukong Lee Sin are all short-handed champions so they can easily be countered by Syndra or Lissandra herself

_ It's easy to compete because this is a pretty hot card in the meta

How to play

Formation explanation: The main carry formation is Kayn and the 5 celestial palace landmark includes Kha'Zix Malphite Neeko Qiyana Wukong, clipping Morgana to activate the Phantom Sage; Lee Sin activates a duel with Lissandra to give the team more control

Early game: We will use Thien Cung form sandwiched with a few other strong generals in the early stages for about 1 2 3 coins to pawn for the carry. Signs that we can play this formation when we have items for early carry damage such as: Blood Sword of Power Giant Cloak of Darkness Hand of Justice,... or we have The super delicious cores to play this deck are typically the Thien Cung seal cores because they will help the team have more full lifesteal as well as trigger the 7 Thien Cung mark; or 2 super delicious cores are Extraordinary Power or Not Today when these 2 cores will give us a super necessary item early and also buff a few more stats for the general holding this item. Good defensive generals at the beginning of the game include: Kha'Zix Darius Qiyana Yone,... these generals will pawn items instead of Kayn Lee Sin and Wukong; Meanwhile, the generals: Kindred Soraka Alune will pawn for Morgana with two main items, the Demon Book Morello and the Spear of Shojin. We will use the form of 3 or 4 heavenly palaces with death generals to deff through the early stages of this game. The goal of getting items in the shopping rounds will be to quickly complete the 3 Kayn items along with Morgana items depending on the amount of items we currently own and then what items we will install in those positions. For the remaining champions, you should prioritize armor-reducing items like the Green Bow or the Moon Shoulder Armor so that Kayn can quickly clear enemy tanks. If we have an Extraordinary Power core, we will build 2 Giant Powers with Blood Sword. If not, we should give Kayn priority: 1 Dark Cloak, 1 bloodsucking item, and flex; Lee Sin and Wukong's items are the same as Kayn's items or maybe throwing in a thief's glove would be fine. If we have good conditions early on like nice items or 2-star Darius Qiyana Yone generals early on, then consider playing a winning streak to accumulate money to 4. change form. If not, we can consider keeping a large amount of economy from the eco losing streak and discharge it at level 8.

Mid-game: Normally at this stage we will upgrade to level 6 at 3.2 eco 50 money and gradually advance to the next levels. Click on the celestial landmarks to increase the team's strength. We can give the tank items to Malphite or Neeko to hold or generals who hold the items for them like Yorick, activate Giant with Malphite and can add Dark if we use Yone to hold the item. With a lineup of many short-armed carry champions like this, it will usually be the Lee Sin tank because of his ability to destroy mana or when this guy has recovery items, he will be very strong to withstand and buy time for the carries to sweep the enemy team. . Sometimes that is not enough, we can consider using Ornn in the squad. A 2-star Ornn with 3 tank items and a Giant attack will give us a super large amount of resistance. Not only that, when Ornn launches a skill, Ornn will drop a random item that lasts until the end of the fight for the nearby champion, this accidentally makes us much stronger and easier to turn the odds. We should clearly check whether the lobby is more prone to damage AP or AD to build tank items appropriately and don't forget that if we don't have the Blue Palace we should prioritize the Moon Shoulder Armor to be able to quickly clear the enemy's tanks. A location is also very important part in this squad is Morgana. In addition to activating the Ghost for Kayn and the Sage to buff Kayn's full lifesteal, it also has the ability to cause a large amount of magic damage over time. This causes her to have a magical item for herself, a demon book. The combination of Morgana's skills combined with Morello's Demon Book will create the ability to burn blood on a large scale, and along with that, Shojin's Spear will help her perform more moves and deal more damage to the team. If you have plenty of items, the last item for her could be any AP item such as the Rabadon Witch Hat that helps add a large amount of AP, or the jeweled gloves that both increase AP and have extra crit in skills, or 1 A pretty good item is the Angel's Scepter because her move is to burn blood slowly so it is very suitable as the scepter will give us AP over time. Around 4.1 to 4.3, we will upgrade to level 8 to roll the squad form, roll down about 10-20 money or exhaust it depending on the current amount of health or have a pair early. Usually when we have a full lineup plus a 2-star Kayn, we can save money and gradually upgrade to 9 or 10. In cases where we try to keep the health at the top, we can donkey roll - every round will run out of money. to be able to update full 2 stars and compete for top positions.

Late game: What to use in this phase will depend on the squad, core, or the encounters that have occurred. If you have 1 Thien Cung battle seal, you should clip it to meet the 7 Thien Cung mark and at this time the team's strength will also increase significantly when the whole team is buffed to 200% of the increased stats and the Thien Cung general is buffed. With an additional 70% of that stat, in the late game, Wukong and Kayn will take turns sweeping the enemy team. The Seal of Heaven will be given to Morgana or Lee Sin. In the opposite direction, if we do not own the Thien Cung seal, we should add 5-cost generals and should only keep it at the 5 Thien Cung mark. With Lissandra, we will have a large amount of cc with the ability to trap enemies in a teapot, throw them into the most crowded place, can drop money or items and can trigger 2 magicians because the team already has them. Neeko; As for Udyr, he has the ability to ram the opponent's chess piece straight and then smash it to the ground, causing damage to the surrounding area. When he loses more than 50%, he regains health, increases movement speed, and turns the move into a combo attack, increasing speed. continuous attack rate.... Or it could be Rakan when we have Soraka in the field, he can hit the 2 noble mark, adding Diana will have 2 more Dragon Kings as well as 3 Sages on the team image. With these diverse clan milestones activated, the squad not only increases AP, attack speed, total bloodsteal, but also increases both armor and magic resistance. And yet, after Rakan dashed, reducing the enemy team's armor and buffing his own shield, outside there was Xayah standing and shooting secondary damage, causing physical damage to all enemies hit by Rakan's skills.


_With a card full of champions with 4 or 5 coins, upgrades in terms of money or experience will be given top priority: Experience Promotion Towards the End Balanced Budget Hedge Fund Golden Rain Patience Learning Haphazardly The Airy Mess Takes Down the Plank, Era, ....

_Currently with the addition of surprises, in a match, in addition to having a lot of gold, there will be a lot more items, so we should also add more item cores and this Kayn squad needs to draw pretty good items. so we also need to add Pandora's Box cores, Large Item Bag, Magic Bow, Wand, Buried Treasure, Treasure, Large Item Bag, Gladiator....

_ Regarding combat cores, this squad has some pretty good cores: Kham Bao Thach III Nhat Thong II, The Obstacle Road, Sacrifice, Ascension of Poison Doctor II...

_ Especially the lineup is quite good if there are more seals: An Thien Cung An Hien Gia,...

_ More importantly, the two cores are: Extraordinary Power and Not Today, which will help the team greatly improve their strength.