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Stats Lissandra

armor: 55
attackSpeed: 0.80
critChance: 0.25
critMultiplier: 1.40
damage: 50
hp: 1000
initialMana: 40
magicResist: 55
mana: 100
range: 2


champion's skill

Let 'em Brew

Mana: 40/100

Steep the current target in a teapot, Stunning and dealing 640/960/8888 (scaleAP) magic damage over 3/3/15 seconds. If they die, there's a 50% chance that Lissandra turns them into a loot orb. Otherwise, Lissandra throws the teapot at the largest group of enemies, dealing 150/225/600 (scaleAP) magic damage to all enemies hit. (Rewards are doubled in Hyper Roll)
If the target is the last enemy remaining, kill them instantly.


Augments And Tips


item imagePorcelain
item imageArcanist
Team Comps